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Podcast List

Honor Ford-Smith on Collaborative Theater & Performance for Social Justice
In this episode, we speak with Dr. Honor Ford-Smith (Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, York University) about her successes and her challenges in bringing feminist values and ways of being to participatory action research with black working-class women in Jamaica as well as communities affected by violence.
Speaking Across Knowledge Systems: A Podcast Series

Speaking Across Knowledge Systems is a series of conversations with Indigenous and non-Indigenous environmental science scholars and practitioners about how they approach, understand, and engage with diverse knowledge systems in their work. This podcast series contains contributions from EUC own professor Deborah McGregor and MES graduate Dali Carmichael.

Peter Victor discussed his new book on Humanity in the Loop

Dr. Peter Victor, EUC Former Dean, Founder and the first President of Canadian Society for Ecological Economics discussed with Tim Hampton, EUC IT Director about his book titled “Escape from Overshoot: Economics for a Planet in Peril.” Listen and find out what we can do to balance our consumption and our damage to the environment.

Habiti Please Podcast Poster
nashwa lina khan's Habibti Please podcast

Environmental Studies PhD student nashwa lina khan hosts the podcast, Habibti Please, exploring issues in in politics, pop culture and beyond.

The “Unboxing Social and Emotional Learning” podcast featuring Melvin Chan.

Environmental Studies PhD student Melvin Chan is a member of the “Unboxing Social and Emotional Learning” podcast, where he brings a multispecies, critical environmental, and decolonial lens to discussions on learning.

Queer Lit Podcast Logo
Cate Sandilands on “Queer Ecologies and Mulberries”

Queer Lit is a podcast about LGBTQIA+* literature and culture. In this episode, Cate talks about leafing through the herbal archives at Kew Gardens, the role of storytelling in understanding ecologies, and about discovering female forests

Cate Sandiland on Green Dreamer Poster
Cate Sandilands on Botanical Colonialism

In this episode of Green Dreamer, Cate Sandilands discusses "Botanical Colonialism and Biocultural Histories".

Cumberland Lodge logo
Cate Sandilands on Queer Ecologies

In this episode of Cumberland Lodge’s podcast titled "Life Perspectives” Cate Sandilands discusses the subject of queer ecology: where it came from, and what influence it has in our world today.

The EcoPolitics Podcast logo
Martha Stiegman on Treaty Relations and Environmental Politics in Canada

This episode of The EcoPolitics Podcast features Martha Stiegman (EUC, York University) and Sherry Pictou (Dalhousie University) discussing two documentary films they created together: In Defense of our Treaties, and We Story the Land.

The Aunties Dandelion Podcase Poster
The Aunties Dandelion with Kahstoserakwathe Paulette Moore and Tamara Louks

The Aunties Dandelion is a media arts organization and a transformative space informed by traditional Onkwehon:we (original peoples’) teachings. We are a collective of storytellers who are co-creating and revitalizing an expansive global community through stories of land, language and relationships.​ The collective includes Environmental Studies PhD student Kahstoserakwathe Paulette Moore.

Anti Empire Poster
The Anti-Empire Project by Justin Podur

Justin Podur brings you the Anti-Empire podcast, featuring discussions on how Empire works today, and who is resisting it. The focus is on the global south - Venezuela, Colombia, the DR Congo, Israel/Palestine, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Iraq.

Spring Research Project Podcast logo
Biftu Yousuf on diaspora communities and the private sponsorship of refugees

In this episode of the SPRING Project podcast at the University of Ottawa, Biftu Yousuf (PhD candidate in Geography) discusses the contribution of family-linked sponsorship in Canada's refugee program.

The Index Poster featuring Kean Birch
Big Tech's Impact on Society and the Debate Over Data Ownership with Kean Birch

Kean Birch joins host Alex Kehaya from The Index Podcast to take a deep dive into big tech's impact on society, the current debate over personal data ownership, and the future of Web3.

The Decibel Poster
Kean Birch: Netflix’s big gamble on its future

Kean Birch on the backlash Netflix is facing after announcing its crack down on password sharing in Canada, among other countries. Listen on The Decibel.

Core Ideas logo
Core Ideas by Josh Thienpont and Adam Jeziorski

Paleolimnology is the science (and art) of reconstructing the past environments of fresh water systems. Join Adam Jeziorski and Josh Thienpont as they wade through the wide variety of topics covered by this interdisciplinary field. Whether you are already an expert at collecting sediment cores and microscope identifications, or you simply have an interest in environmental issues such as acid rain, eutrophication, and climate change, this podcast will help make the natural records that surround us as clear as mud.

Changemaker Podcast Logo
Environmental and Urban Changemakers Podcast

The Changemakers podcast is run by the Environmental and Urban Change Students Association (EUCSA) and hosted by Ashraf Hutchcraft, Kaylea Peres, and Seth Pollak. The podcast aims to delve deeply into some of the most pressing ideas of our time: climate change, racism, climate justice, urban development and the like.

Urban Politics Logo
Roger Keil on How Cities Can Transform Democracy

The Urban Politics podcast channel delves into contemporary urban issues with activists, scholars and policy-makers from around the world.  In this episode, Professor Roger Keil is a panelist discussing the new book: How Cities Can Transform Democracy

Nature's Wild: Love, Sex and Law in the Caribbean Book Cover
Andil Gosine on Nature's Wild: Love, Sex and Law in the Caribbean

Conversations in Atlantic Theory is dedicated to conversation with authors and editors of books from and about the Atlantic world.  In this episode, Andil Gosine introduces his new book Nature’s Wild: Love, Sex and Law in the Caribbean.

CoHearence logo
Peter Timmerman and Cate Sandilands on CoHearence - Episode One

CoHearence brings together voices to explore the relationship between cultural practices and our environment. In this episode, we explore the history of melancholia and why it’s important with Peter Timmerman and Cate Sandilands.

WLI Logo
Conversations with the WLI Championship Team featuring Laura Taylor

Conversations with WLI is a series of episodes from the Women's Leadership Institute hosting leaders in the real estate, development, design and city building industry. We sit down today with Laura Taylor to discuss career path evolution, setbacks, developing resilience and finding your purpose.

Darts & Letter Logo
Deborah Barndt on The Life & Legacy of Paulo Freire

Darts and Letters covers public intellectualism and the politics of academia from a left populist perspective.

In this episode, we look at the life and legacy of Freire with an appearance from Deborah Barndt.

Ununually Well Informed Logo
Unusually Well Informed: Lina Brand Correa

The Unusually Well Informed podcast examines trends in technology, innovation and how we can all contribute to an abundant and just future. In this episode, Dr Lina Brand Correa discusses the ways energy impacts human wellbeing and the environment.

WTF is BioDiversity logo
Native bees with Sheila Colla

In this episode of What the f*** is biodiversity, Ann and Sheila talk about the important work of native bees in Canada and why they’re so critical for the environment and our food systems.

Planet Haliburton Poster
Ted Spence on Planet Haliburton

Terry Moore from Planet Haliburton investigates sustainable solutions to the ecological issues of today from Haliburton County! In this episode, Ted Spence and Bruce McClennan discuss the impact of climate change on the Trent Severn Waterway.

Breaking Brave Logo
Deena Shaffer on Breaking Brave

On Breaking Brave, Deena Shaffer helps learners of all ages experience less suffering and more motivation in their learning—whatever it is they want to learn.

Podcast Poster
Andil Gosine on Environmental Racism & Justice in Canada

In this episode of the EcoPolitics Podcast, we talk with Dr Andil Gosine about the ways in which racism is woven throughout Canadian environmental history and its impacts on Canadian environmental policy and research.

Three bees in their hive
The Buzz on Bees Part 2 with Sheila Colla

We’re making a big buzz about bees on Brains On! We’ll bust some bee myths and meet some honeybees for a look at life inside the hive.Hear from our bee expert, Dr. Sheila Colla.

Three bees in their hive
The Buzz on Bees, part 1 with Sheila Colla

We’re making a big buzz about bees on Brains On! We’ll bust some bee myths and meet some honeybees for a look at life inside the hive. Please hear from our bee expert, Dr. Sheila Colla.

The Priv8 Podcast Poster
The Facebook Effect and the Rise of the Data Economy, with Kean Birch

A great interview with Kean Birch, an expert in technoscience and professor at York University. We take a deep dive into the Facebook effect, the rise of the data economy, and how private data changes the game of capitalism. Listen on Prv8 Podcast.

Crash Course Economics Logo
The Rise of Technoscientific Capitalism with Kean Birch

Crash Course is inviting global experts to break down complex issues in lay terms and make them accessible to all. In this first Crash Course episode of our series, with Professor Kean Birch, we take a bird’s-eye view before we dive into more specific issues in the episodes to come.

Podcast or Perish logo
It's a Wiggly World, with Josh Thienpont

Podcast or Perish explores academic research through the eyes of the people who do it, hosted by Cameron Graham. Dr. Josh Thienpont is featured in Episode 039: It's a Wiggly World, talking about Paleolimnology

Sheila Colla on the What on Earth Podcast

What On Earth is on a mission to move and challenge you to think about climate change in new ways. In the episode, Professor Sheila Colla discussed how to help shellfish survive extreme heat with Indigenous knowledge and western science.

Growing Greener logo
The Surprising Downside of #NoMowMay from Sheila Colla

#NoMowMay is an international movement persuading gardeners to stop mowing their grass during the month of May. A laudable impulse, but Dr. Sheila Colla of York University discusses why this isn’t the best means of fostering native pollinators in North America. On Growing Greener.