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Research Funding

Research funding for faculty members is available from internal EUC sources, University sources, and from external funding agencies. Information on funding competitions and deadlines is circulated through the EUC Research Update. Further information and assistance is provided by EUC’s Research Officer, Rhoda Reyes. Graduate and undergraduate student research funding is also available from diverse sources – information is available from program directors, instructors and supervisors.

External Funding Deadlines

This calendar lists some of the most commonly held competitions in Canada and abroad. It is not a comprehensive listing as new opportunities are continually announced throughout the year.  Unless otherwise, the Office of Research Services as with the Faculty has a standard internal deadline date of 10 business days to review applications in advance of the funding agency deadline. Researchers must obtain approval of their application from the Associate Dean Research by completing an ORS Checklist (pdf) or ORS Checklist (DocuSign) and obtaining the required signatures.

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EUC Research Funding Opportunities

Deadline: May and November

To provide support for participating in national and international scholarly conferences/workshops/meetings in which the applicant is giving a paper, making a poster presentation, or showcasing an artistic production.

Eligibility: Full-time faculty members and retirees

Application Form


Deadline: February 15 and September 15

To provide support for small-scale research, training and knowledge mobilization activities such as field work travel, publication subventions, research assistance, workshops, and other justifiable research expenses (in line with tri-council eligible expense guidelines).

Eligibility: Full-time faculty members and retirees

Application Form


The purpose of the seminar series is to serve as a collegial focal point for academic discussion in EUC. There is no prescribed format for the series, but the theme should fall within EUC’s focus on urban, environmental and geographical research. Where possible, proposals should reflect attention to interdisciplinarity, community engagement, social justice and global perspectives. A call for proposals is circulated annually in May.

EUC’s residency program for artists, activists or traditional knowledge holders/keepers supports short but intensive visits by an individual whose role as a changemaker in society at large, and relevance for urban, environmental or geographical research, can serve as a resource and inspiration for students and faculty at EUC. Such visits will be for a period of approximately one week, providing an opportunity for intensive and thorough engagement between the visitor and the EUC community. An annual call for applications/nominations is circulated in July.


EUC’s scholar-in-residence program supports short but intensive visits by faculty members and researchers from other institutions. The intention is to support visits by scholars who are based at a distance from Toronto and whose urban, environmental or geographical research is of interest to a cluster of faculty and graduate students at EUC. Such visits will be for a period of approximately one week, providing an opportunity for a sustained and thorough engagement between the visitor and the EUC community. An annual call for applications/nominations is circulated in July.


EUC offers a limited number of visiting scholar opportunities for researchers and others whose experience, expertise or knowledge can enrich the research environment of the Faculty. In most cases, visiting scholars have ongoing affiliations at other institutions and will affiliate at EUC for a defined period. 

The EUC Undergraduate Research Award (EUCURA) provides selected undergraduate students with an opportunity to tackle a focused research project with one of EUC's faculty members. These awards, tenable over the over the summer term (May-August), provide students with hands-on experience and one-on-one mentoring in all aspects of the research process. 

Guidelines for Faculty Members

Guidelines for Students

General Research Support

Deadlines: October 31 and March 31

Value: Up to $7,000

To provide support to full-time faculty, professional librarians and current Postdoctoral Fellows for stand-alone, small-scale projects and for projects that will lead to the development of larger SSHRC applications or other external funding.

Explore Grant Program - Application Form

Deadline: October 31 and March 31

Value: Up to $7,000

To provide support to full time faculty, professional librarians, and current Postdoctoral Fellows for small-scale knowledge mobilization activities such as stakeholder consultations, policy briefs, publication subventions, workshops, etc.

KMb Grant Program - Application Form

Deadlines: October 1 and March 1 (Oct 1st deadline is for research grants only; Mar 1st deadline is for both research grants and release time).

Value: Up to $8,000 for research grants; salary equivalent to one full-course directorship for release time course directorship grants

This fund is intended to encourage individual research and study by defraying research costs. Duration: One year. Contact Charles Bisram in Faculty Relations for a current application form.

Contract Faculty Research Grants Fund - More Information

Deadline: Rolling

Value: Up to $3,000

The York Indigenous Incentive Grant provides support for the development of research grant applications, related to Indigenous priorities and needs, to external sources as articulated in our Strategic Research Plan (SRP). Its main purpose will be to defray costs associated with applications for standard programs of research (including but not limited to NSERC Discovery, CIHR, SSHRC Connection Grants, SSHRC Insight and Insight Development Grants, and SSHRC Partnership Development Grants). While the scale of initiatives supported may vary according to discipline, all proposals must clearly demonstrate the intended external source of support.

York Indigenous Incentive Grant - Application Form (PDF)

Deadlines: Rolling

Value: Up to $6,000

To defray costs associated with assembling interdisciplinary collaborative teams required for larger-scale initiatives in the quest for external funds.

York Incentive Grant - Application Form

Deadlines: November 1 and March 1

To support small-scale research projects where a significant contribution to Italian-Canadian studies will be made. Eligible expenses include research costs and travel to conferences.

Mariano A. Elia Research Fund - Application Form

Conference Travel Support

Deadlines: February 1, May 1, August 1 and November 1

Value: Generally, up to a minimum APEX or Charter Class airfare.

To provide assistance for attendance at national and international scholarly conferences for which the applicant is giving a paper, making a poster presentation, or featured at a solo or 2 person opening of an exhibition, a principal screening, premier performance of dance, theatre or musical production.

Exchange Conference Grant - Application Form (PDF)

Deadlines: March 1, June 1 and October 1

Value: Up to $2,000

To support contract faculty members who are giving papers; have been asked to give commentaries or to chair sessions; or are attending conferences. Eligible expenses include travel, registration, accommodation and subsistence. Duration: No more than one grant per year. Contact Charles Bisram in Faculty Relations for a current application form.

Contract Faculty Conference Travel Fund - More Information

Deadlines: Various

Funds for conference travel administered within each academic unit. Contact the unit Chair/Director and/or Administrative Assistant for details.

Research Assistance Support - Funding to Hire Students

Paid opportunities for York undergraduate students to participate in research projects.

Research at York Program - More Information

Provides on-campus part-time job opportunities for eligible full-time York University students. These jobs are primarily available during the September to April academic session.

Work/Study Program - More Information

Other Funding Supports & Initiatives

Deadlines: Rolling

Value: Approximately $500-$1,500

The new York Indigenous Events Funding provides support for scholarly events or outreach activities that address Indigenous priorities and needs, strengthens York’s Indigenous research culture and builds the profile and reputation of sound Indigenous-focused research at York University.

York Indigenous Events Funding - Application Form

Teaching Supports, Course Releases & Fellowships

Deadline: November 15

Fellowships are intended to provide recipients with the opportunity to develop innovative teaching and learning projects or to enhance their own teaching skills. Eligibility: Full-time faculty in tenure-stream appointments.

Release-time Teaching Fellowships - More Information

Deadline: November 15

Value: Up to $2,500 (Individuals); up to $5,000 (Groups)

Funds are available to support projects which have the potential to make significant curricular or methodological contributions to teaching and learning at York, or which enable faculty to enhance their own teaching skills. Eligibility: All members of the YUFA bargaining unit.

Deadline: January 15

A Leave Fellowship Fund (Article 19.30 of the YUFA Collective Agreement) is available to provide peer-adjudicated additional grants of up to 10% of academic base salary to sabbaticants.

Deadline: November 15

Provides opportunities for tenured or tenure stream faculty and continuing appointment employees to take Educational Leaves for approved plans of study.