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Ross N120

Ross N120

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Ross N120


Room Location: Ross Building North - Room 120
Room Type: Classroom
Room Capacity: 50
Room Suitability:
  • Could accommodate large meeting by booking additional equipment. Please contact EUC Technology Services for more details.
  • Great choice for lectures.

Room Status

All equipment are fully functional
Last checked on November 7, 2023


Please note:
  • Any classroom with a built in PC requires a Passport York account to log in.
  • Instructions for using equipment are listed in all rooms.
  • Personal laptops can be connected through HDMI (cable is provided).
  • User must bring their own adapter if the laptop (e.g. MacBook) does not have a HMDI connection.
  • Additional equipment and training sessions are available upon request via email at


Computer| Crestron Touch Control | Wired Keyboard & Mouse | Whiteboard | Podium| Document Camera | Projector| HDMI
Note: Additional equipment is available upon request. Please view the full list of available equipment here and contact EUC Technology Service for more information.
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