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North Ross 302

North Ross 302

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North Ross 302


Room Location: North Ross Building - Number 302
Room Type: Computer Lab


Most of the classrooms and all computer labs in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Changes (EUC) are equipped with presentation technology. York University Information Technology (UIT) Classroom Operations provides the equipment and support for these classrooms.
  • Any classroom with a built in PC requires a Passport York account to log in
  • Instructions for using equipment are listed in all rooms
  • Personal laptops can be connected through VGA or HDMI (cable is provided)
  • User must bring their own adapter if the laptop e.g. MacBook does not have a VGA or HMDI connection
  • Additional equipment and training sessions are available upon request

Room Features

The  Computer lab is located at Ross North 302. It contains thirty workstations for students and 1 instructor’s workstation. The lab is also equipped with a black and white / colour printer and a scanner. Students using the lab will have access to ESRI’s ArcGIS (, Catalyst Professional ( and other course related software. If there are any problems with the computers please see Connie Ko in N302B Ross.


30 workstations | Black & White Printer | Colour Printer | Scanner | ESRI | ArcGIS | Catalyst Professional