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Meet Our Researchers

Researchers at EUC apply interdisciplinary perspectives to study the processes that drive environmental change and the dynamics of urbanizing societies. Through our research we seek to address the challenges of environmental management, urban planning, and mobilizing for social justice and sustainability. Together, we are a community of urban, environmental and geographical researchers addressing some of the planet’s most pressing problems and challenges.

Faculty Profiles

Name Research Interests Email
Bain, Alison L

Urban Social Geography; Artistic Labour and Arts-Led Urban Development; Queer Geographies; Feminist Pedagogies
Basu, Ranu

Urban, Social and Political Geography; Critical Geographies of Education; Collective Action; Migrant Communities; Critical GIS
Bello, Richard L

Climate Science; Northern Environments; Physical Hydrology; Carbon Dynamics; Urban Environments
Birch, Kean D.

Innovation; Assetization & Rentiership; Digital & Data Economies; Finance & Technoscience; Bio-Economy; Sustainability Transitions
Bunch, Martin J

Ecohealth & Ecosystem Approaches; Watershed Management; Complex Systems; GIS; Ecological Footprint
Campbell, Mora

Environmental Ethics & Philosophy; Spirituality, Ethics, & Nature; Contemplative, Phenomenological & Narrative Forms of Inquiry
Colla, Sheila R.

Pollinator Conservation; Endangered Species; Community Science; Environmental Policy; Bumblebees
Das, Raju J

Marxist Political Economy; Theory of Class and State; Uneven Capitalist Development; Identity, Fascistic, & Class Politics; India
Drezner, T

Deserts & Arid Lands; Plant-Climate Interactions; Disturbance & Invasion; Biogeography
Etcheverry, Jose

Climate Change Mitigation; Renewable Energy Policy; Rural Electrification
Fawcett, Leesa K

Animal Studies; Biological Conservation; Political Ecology; Indigenous Knowledges; Feminist Science & Technology Studies
Flicker, Sarah

Adolescent Sexual & Reproductive Health; Community-Based Participatory Research; HIV/AIDS; Community Development
Ford-Smith, Honor

Performance & Social Movements; Race, Gender, Nation; Colonialism & Post-Colonialism; Caribbean Societies/Diasporas
Foster, Jennifer J

Urban Environmental Justice; Habitat Creation & Novel Ecologies; Political Ecology; Urban Environmental Aesthetics
Fraser, Gail

Waterbird Ecology; Wildlife Management; Protected Area Management; Environmental Management of Offshore Oil & Gas
Gilbert, Liette

Cities; Migrations; Social & Environmental Justice
Gosine, Andil

Environmental Arts; Environmental Justice; Caribbbean Sexualities
Haritaworn, Jinthana K.

Urban Justice; Transnational Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies; Feminist/Queer/Trans Of Colour Theories & Activisms
Hoicka, Christina E.

Energy Advocacy & Energy Justice; Participation & Planning In Energy Transitions; Community Energy
Hovorka, Alice J.

Human-Environment Geographies; Animal Geographies; Gender & Environment; Urban Geography; Southern Africa
Hyndman, Jennifer M

Geographies of Violence; Forced Migration; Humanitarian Emergencies; Migration Politics; Refugee Settlement In Canada
Kapoor, Ilan

Critical Development Studies; Postcolonial and Psychoanalytic Theory; Participation/Democracy; Celebrity Humanitarianism
Keil, Roger H

Global Suburbanisms; Infectious Disease & Cities; Urban Political Ecology; Urban Infrastructures; Urban Governance & Planning
Kelly, Philip Francis

Labour Migration; Transnationalism; Youth; Economic Geography; Immigration; Class-based inequality; Canada and Southeast Asia
Kipfer, Stefan Andreas

Urbanization; Urban Politics & Planning; Social & Political Theory; Theories of Space, Politics & Society
Korosi, Jennifer B.

Lakes; Environmental Change; Environmental Contaminants; Permafrost Thaw; Biogeochemistry; Biogeography
Kusno, Abidin

Architecture; Cultural Studies; History; Politics; Urban Studies; Indonesia
Lehrer, Ute A

Global Suburbanism; Political Economy of The Built Environment; Planning, Urban Design & Architecture; Ethnicity & Immigration
Lunstrum, Elizabeth M.

Political Ecology; Conservation; Human-Wildlife Interactions; People-Park Relations; Borders; Indigenous-Led Conservation
MacRae, Roderick J.

Canadian Food Policy and Food Systems; Regulatory Frameworks for Pesticide & GE Crops
McAllister, Carlota

Anthropology; Latin American & Caribbean Studies; Religion; Revolution; Political Ecology; Political Theology
McGregor, Deborah

Indigenous Environmental Justice; Indigenous Governance; Sustainability; Water Governance; Indigenous Intellectual Traditions
Mensah, Joseph

Culture & Cultural Studies; Transnational & Return Migration; Ethno-Racial Identity Formation; African Development
Montoya, Phillip J.

Environmental Anthropology; Peasant Livelihoods; Biocultural Diversity; Ethnographic & Art-Based Methodologies.
Mulvihill, Peter R.

Environmental Management; Environmental Assessment; Environmental Disasters; Environmentalism
Myers, Lisa

Visual Art; Indigenous Art; Curatorial Practice, Art Theory & Criticism; Food Studies Related to Art, Value & Land
Peake, Linda J.

Urban Geographies; Feminist and Anti-Racist Geographies; Feminist Methodologies; Mental Health in the Academy; Guyana
Perkins, Patricia Elaine

Climate Justice; Commons Governance; Participatory Watershed Management; Feminist Ecological Economics
Podur, Justin J

Geopolitics & Media Narrative; Western Intervention & Local Dynamics in War; Quantitative Methods & GIS; Landscape Ecology
Preston, Valerie Ann

Immigration; Gender Issues; Urban Labour & Housing Markets
Remmel, Tarmo K

Forestry; Remote Sensing; Geographic Information System; Spatial Pattern Analysis; Geomatics
Rotz, Sarah

Political Ecology; Land & Food Justice; Settler Colonial Studies; Critical Data Studies; Critical Theory & Methods
Sandberg, L. Anders

Political Economies & Ecologies of Natural Resources; Climate/Environmental Justice; Forestry & Conservation History
Sandilands, Catriona A H

Environmental Humanities; Queer, Multispecies & Feminist Ecologies; Critical Plant Studies; Biopolitics
Scott, Dayna N

Environmental Justice; Gender & Environmental Health; Feminist Theory Of The Body; Risk, Regulation & Governance
Sotomayor, Luisa

Equity Planning; Urban Policy & Governance of Housing; Community Planning; Informality; Urban Politics; Latin America
Stiegman, Martha L.

Indigenous Knowledge, Rights & Food Sovereignty; Food Justice Movements; Visual Arts-Based Methodologies
Taylor, Laura E

Urban & Regional Planning; Climate Change; Political Ecology Of Exurbia; Exurban & Peri-Urban Planning; Rural Planning
Thiemann, Gregory W

Arctic Ecosystems; Food Web Ecology; Wildlife Conservation; Resource Management; Animal Physiology
Thienpont, Joshua

Quaternary Environments; Landscape Disturbance; Permafrost Thaw; Aquatic Ecosystems; Arctic Coasts
Timmerman, Peter

Environmental Ethics; Environmental Conflict; Coastal City Management
Tufts, W. Steven

Labour Geography; Urban Economic Development; Labour Market Adjustment; Populism
Vandergeest, Peter

Political Ecology; Asia; Migration; Labour; Fishing; Forestry; Agrofood
Warkentin, Traci

Environmental Education; Feminist Environmental Ethics & Philosophy; Animal Studies; Novel Urban Ecologies
Winfield, Mark S

Sustainable Energy; Climate Change; Environmental Policy; Environmental Law
Wood, Patricia

Citizenship & Governance; Settler Colonialism; Cities; Political Ecology; Cultural Geographies.
Young, Kathy Lynn

Arctic Hydrology; Hydrology of Extreme Environments; Snow Hydrology; Arctic Slope Hydrology
Zalik, Anna

Global Political Ecology; Extraction; Agrarian Studies; Anti/Post-Colonialism; Oil & Financialization