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Maloca Community Garden

The Maloca Community Garden is a space for all members of the University community to experience - from growing their own food to holding special outdoor events to enjoying a great setting for sustainable teaching.

The garden also supports individuals who lack access to land, are want to build skills and knowledge in gardening, strive to raise awareness of food security or simply want to develop community connections.

If you have any questions please contact us at

group of students gardening

The Garden's History

SOURCE: York Gazette, 1999

Located on York University’s Keele campus, the Maloca Community Garden features about 2,000 square feet devoted to both individual and communal plots for growing vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers according to the principles of organic agriculture.

The garden’s name – Maloca – comes from the multi-family long houses built near the banks of the Amazon River. At the centre of each house is a communal, spiritual meeting place, and the garden’s name reflects our group’s desire to create a sense of community.

The Maloca Community Garden was founded by Angela Simone and Karen Okamoto in 1999. Alongside other Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change students, they paved the way for the Maloca Community Garden to provide York University and the surrounding North York community the unique opportunity to grow and harvest food in a welcoming, non-judgmental environment.

The garden offers plenty of opportunities to attend workshops, learn about gardening, volunteer, plant, harvest, build relationships, give back to the community and, of course, socialize! Absolutely no experience is necessary – just an enthusiasm for getting outdoors and promoting environmentally friendly practices.

How to Get Involved

Book a Plot

Are you looking for a way to get outside, be active and grow your own food? Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.


There are many volunteer opportunities available at the garden.


Visit or Host an Event

The Maloca Community is located in an open green space, so it offers the perfect setting for outdoor events during the summer. You can enjoy time with others while gathered around a bonfire, or playing in the softball field or the large field.

CONTACT US to tour the premises or make a reservation.

Teach in the Garden

The Maloca Community Garden is dedicated to acting as a sight that encourages environmental education and environmental stewardship. We encourage professors to use the Maloca Community Garden to explore topics such as native plants and pollinators, urban agriculture, agricultural innovation, urban greenification, food sovereignty and climate change.

CONTACT US to use the garden to foster experiential learning opportunities. We also welcome students who would like to conduct research at the garden.