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Towards Urban Social Justice

EUC research examines urban processes and planning in Canada and diverse contexts around the world. There is a particular focus on critical urban theory, the experiences of marginalized communities, the role of activism in shaping urban life, and health and disease in urban settings.

Specific projects examine health and well-being in urban environments, labor markets and labour organizing, the lives of immigrant communities and diasporas, marginalization along axes of class, sexuality, race, gender and ability; urban politics; education; urban infrastructure and housing; and decolonial thought and practice in urban contexts.

Representative faculty members: Ali, Bain, Basu, Flicker, Foster, Gebresselassie, Gilbert, Haritaworn, Hovorka, Keil, Kelly, Kipfer, Kusno, Lehrer, Mensah, Peake, Preston, Sotomayor, Taylor, Tufts, Wood

Researcher Spotlights

Muna-Ubdi Ali

Muna-Udbi Ali

Professor Muna Udbi-Ali’s research interests cover diverse theoretical foci including Black studies, Black feminist studies, Black geographies, critical pedagogy, and public policy.

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Sarah Flicker

Sarah Flicker

Professor Sarah Flicker is York Research Chair (Tier2) in Community-Based Participatory Research and engages with community stakeholder groups in health research.

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Abidin Kusno

Abidin Kusno

Professor Abidin Kusno’s academic work draws upon a range of fields including urban studies, history, politics, cultural studies, architecture, design and geography.

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Jane Lumumba

Jane Lumumba is aa PhD student in Environmental Studies at York University. Prior to full time studies, Jane was the East Africa Advisor for the Commonwealth Local Government Forum based in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Tahmid Rouf

Tahmid Rouf

Tahmid Rouf is a third-year Ph.D. student specializing in critical human geography interested in issues of diversity, migration, urban life, diaspora, and digital technologies.

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Murat Ucoglu

Dr. Murat Ucoglu is an EUC PhD graduate and postdoctoral fellow whose research explores urban political economies, specifically the housing market in suburban Istanbul and Toronto.

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