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Seeking Environmental, Climate and Food Justice

EUC researchers study how social power relations are entwined with environmental processes. This includes contexts such as food production, extractive industries, vulnerability to the climate crisis, and urbanization. Current funded projects take our researchers to contexts as diverse as Indigenous communities and urban peripheries in Canada, the forests of Costa Rica, river valleys in Chile, conservation areas and cities in Southern Africa, and the fishing ports of Southeast Asia.

Representative faculty members: Birch, Brand Correa, Bunch, Fawcett, Foster, Hovorka, Kapoor, Keil, Kipfer, Kusno, MacRae, McAllister, McGregor, Montoya, Mulvihill, Perkins, Podur, Rotz, Sandberg, Scott, Stiegman, Vandergeest, Warkentin, Wood, Zalik

Researcher Spotlights

Andil Gosine

Professor Andil Gosine’s research, writing, and artistic practices explore imbrications of ecology, desire, and power.

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Dayna Scott

Professor Dayna Nadine Scott is York Research Chair in Environmental Law & Justice in the Green Economy with research interests relating to justice dimensions over lands and resources.

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Sarah Rotz

Professor Sarah Rotz’s academic and organizing work is grounded in environmental justice with a focus on land and food systems.

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Benjamin Kapron

Benjamin Kapron studies philosophies, understandings, and ways of thinking that generate, undergird, and uphold Canadian settler colonialism.

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Carli Melo

Carli Melo is a PhD candidate in Geography and does research on inclusion and exclusion in global production networks, through her work on Myanmar migrant workers in Thailand's seafood sector.

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Diana Yoon

Diana Yoon is a second year Master’s in Arts candidate in Geography and a local climate and housing activist based in Toronto.

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