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Global Political Economy

EUC researchers are producing critical analyses of contemporary global capitalism, feminist perspectives on geopolitics, and psychoanalytical interpretations of global development. We are also exploring the changing worlds of work, employment and labour organizing; the global rise of right-wing populism; and new structures of accumulation through technoscientific capitalism.

Picture of Airport worker demonstration

Community Partnerships

Professor Steven Tufts is a spokesperson for the Toronto Airport Workers' Council, an organization representing Pearson International Airport's 50,000 workers. His current projects involve the use of strategic research by labour unions and labour union renewal in Canada, the integration of immigrants in urban labour markets, labour market adjustment in the hospitality sector, the impact of climate change on workers and workplaces, and the intersection between labour and right-wing populism.

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Researcher Spotlights

Raju Das

Raju Das

Professor Raju Das conducts research on radical political economy, international development, state-society relations and social struggles, with a particular focus on India.

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Kean Birch

Kean Birch

Professor Kean Birch’s research focuses on understanding technoscientific capitalism and ‘Big Tech’, drawing on ideas from science and technology studies, economic geography, and economic sociology.

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Ilan Kapoor

Ilan Kapoor

Professor Ilan Kapoor is one of the first scholars to bring both psychoanalysis and postcoloniality to the field of Development Studies.

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