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Mobilizing the Arts for Change

The arts, culture and the humanities offer creative ways to understand, question, and change, the relationship between human societies and the natural environment. EUC researchers are exploring how we think about the natural world through alternative, and especially Indigenous, forms of environmental knowledge; how scientific and cultural knowledge can work in unison; and how racialized, queer and gendered identities shape relationships to nature. Researchers are also using film, podcasting, visual art, creative writing and performance to challenge our understanding of the environment.

Representative faculty members: Colla, Fawcett, Ford-Smith, Gosine, McAllister, McGregor, Myers, Rotz, Sandilands, Stiegman, Timmerman

Researcher Spotlights

Carlotta McAlister

Carlota McAllister

Professor Carlota McAllister is a political and historical anthropologist studying the formation of political and moral agency in situations of conflict or crisis.

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Martha Stiegman

Martha Stiegman

Professor Martha Stiegman’s research is community-based, documenting peoples’ vision for ecological sustainability, social justice and dignity, to deepen dialog within and across communities.

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Peter Timmerman

Peter Timmerman

Professor Timmerman’s research explores contemporary economistic world views as hybrids of romanticism and capitalism.

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Kafia Abdulkader

Kafia Abdulkader

Kafia Abdulkader is a Black Femme, artist, writer and community organizer focused on reimagining Blackness, fatness, and digital environments.

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Alexandra Gelis posing with her collaborators

Alexandra Gelis

Alexandra Gelis is a PhD candidate in EUC and a Colombian-Venezuelan media artist whose work addresses the use of image in relation to displacement, landscape and politics beyond borders..

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Shira Taylor

Shira Taylor

Dr. Shira Taylor is a CIHR postdoctoral fellow at EUC, a public health advocate and theater artist who created the award-winning workshop and performance program, SExT: Sex Education by Theatre..

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