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Climate Action & Sustainable Transitions

EUC Research is exploring the thinking, activism and policies that are needed to take action in the climate emergency. We are working with Indigenous communities to define new approaches to, and knowledge of, climate change.  We are also critically examining the policies and behaviours that are needed to address environmental sustainability more broadly. The transition to a sustainable energy future is a particular focus for research and action among EUC scholars.

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Community Partnerships

Professor Jose Etcheverry’s research focuses on developing practical solutions to climate change through collaborative efforts with various partners and stakeholders. Prior to coming to York, Dr. Etcheverry worked in a variety of international research and policy analyst roles in government, the private sector, and NGOs, including the David Suzuki Foundation, the Global Environment Facility, and the Electricity Research Institute of Mexico.

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Researcher Spotlights

Mark Winfield

Mark Winfield

Professor Winfield is co-chair of the Sustainable Energy Initiative (SEI) at EUC and conducts research on legal and policy issues relating to climate change and energy transitions.

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Ellie Perkins

Ellie Perkins

Professor Ellie Perkins is an ecological economist concerned with climate justice and addressing global inequities while advancing the energy transition.

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Joshua Thienpot

Joshua Thienpont

Professor Josh Thienpont’s research is focused on on the impacts of landscape disturbances and climate change on lakes in the western Canadian Arctic region. 

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