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Co-Investigators: Roger Keil and Patricia Wood; PI: Raktim Mitra (Toronto Metropolitan, formerly Ryerson University)

Funding: SSHRC Partnership Development Grant

Term: 2018-2022

StudentMoveTO is a collaboration that aims to generate insights, debates, and actions to improve transportation experiences of post-secondary students in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), Canada with ten partner colleges and universities, and four partner government and community organizations with a goal of better understanding the answer to the question of #howdoyoumove? Specifically, the project aims to generate conversation between students, scholars, post-secondary institutions, policy makers and communities about the importance of addressing students’ travel needs in planning and policy making; to provide first-of-its kind data and insights on topics identified through a collaborative effort, which can be used to inform public policy and bring change; to create a substantive publicly available resources to enable teaching, collaborative research and policy making for post-secondary institutions, and public and private organizations across Canada; and in the longer term, an opportunity to pursue a province-wide or national collaboration.

Project website: