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Peripheral centralities: Lost, past, present and future

Peripheral centralities: Lost, past, present and future

Co-Principal Investigator: Roger Keil with Nicholas Phelps (PI, University of Melbourne) and Paul Maginn (Co-PI, University of Western Australia).

Funding: Urban Studies Foundation Seminar Series Award.

Term: 2021-2022.

The seminar series brings together a multidisciplinary mix of scholars and practitioners including urban historians, sociologists, geographers, planners, architects, urban designers and property developers to consider the meaning, form, dynamics and significance of peripheral centralities within an era of global extended urbanisation. It does this via four key themed sessions: Seminar 1: Peripheral Centralities - Lost and Past; Seminar 2: Peripheral Centralities - Politics, Policy & Practice; Seminar 3 - Peripheral Centralities - Present and Future; and Seminar 4: Peripheral Centralities – Centering (Sub)Urban Analyses: A PhD/ECR Workshop. More info on the University of Melbourne School of Design webpage.

Call for papers for the November 2022 seminar on Peripheral Centralities: Present and Future.