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Las Nubes

Las Nubes

Project Investigator: Felipe Montoya-Greenheck

Funding: Fisher Fund for Neotropical Conservation; Lillian Meighen and Don Wright Foundation

Term: 1998-to-date

The Las Nubes project in Costa Rica supports the protection of the biological, ecological and social values of the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor which contains  the  Las Nubes forest reserve that borders the largest protected area  in Central America. Originally created by Professor Howard Daugherty following a donation made by Toronto physician and medical researcher, Dr. Woody Fisher in 1998, the project expanded with more than $8M contributions from multiple donors, supporting faculty and student research. In 2012, Professor Felipe Montoya-Greenheck was appointed as Chair of Neotropical Conservation and Director of Las Nubes and has since then been working to achieve the project’s mission of developing a grounded theory and praxis around the sustainability of healthy and gratifying rural lifeways respectful of, and in harmony with the natural environment.