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Indigenous Art and Curatorial Practice

Indigenous Art and Curatorial Practice

Curatorial Exhibit in a Museum

Principal Investigator: Lisa Myers

Funding: York Research Chair

Term: 2021-2026

The research will focus on contemporary Indigenous art considering the varied values and functions of elements, such as medicine plants and language, sound, and knowledge. A project team will be built to consider the culturally specific approaches of contemporary Indigenous media artists, and to understand and constitute collections/archives of Indigenous media art. Specific activities will include: 1) researching the ‘informal archives’ that result from Indigenous video art and film production in order to articulate preservation protocols and the function and care of Indigenous collections; 2) leading research creation as a form of inquiry into Indigenous archival content; 3) mobilizing knowledge using digital arts (image, audio and video) to constitute new collections that reflect social histories and language revitalization (this will involve using the Wild Garden Media Centre at EUC); and, 4) gathering a media arts research cluster of Elders, scholars, students, and communities to work with and create Indigenous archives.