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Community-based participatory research

Community-based participatory research

A group of people shoulder to shoulder taking from the back

Principal Investigator: Sarah Flicker

Funding: York Research Chair

Term: 2020-2025

The overarching goal of the research program is to improve the sexual and reproductive health outcomes of youth communities with a special emphasis on those communities that experience heightened vulnerabilities as a result of historic and ongoing structural and interpersonal violence. Focusing on improving structural, social and political environments that create the conditions for health to flourish, the specific objectives of the research chair program are to: improve the health of individuals and communities by documenting, implementing and sharing youth-led solutions to intractable health challenges using community-based participatory research methodologies; take leadership in the scholarship of community-engaged, ethical, decolonizing participatory research practices; build the research capacity of communities, academics and trainees to engage in policy-relevant community-based participatory health research; and mobilize youth-centred, transnational networks and solutions for improving sexual and reproductive health.