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Colin Robinson's unfinished work

Colin Robinson's unfinished work

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Project Investigator: Andil Gosine

Funding: SSHRC Insight Grant

Term: 2022-2026

This five-year interdisciplinary project examines historical and contemporary articulations of and approaches to the security of sexual autonomy through consideration of the intellectual, literary and political legacy of Colin M. Robinson, the Black, Queer, Caribbean-American writer and activist who made formidable impacts during his prolific and enduring engagement in social justice movements in the United States, where he spent twenty-five years of his life as an undocumented migrant (1980-2005), and in Trinidad and Tobago, where he co-founded the country's most important sexuality rights organization, CAISO, and became the country's most visible queer person, following his return there in 2007. The impact of his work on sexual justice advocacy was felt internationally, in the wider Caribbean and in spaces like Toronto and Johannesburg. Robinson's work also crossed many areas, including community activism, governance, transnational policymaking and literature, and this project will both generate interest from a wide audience of scholars, policy-makers, activists and writers, and, we believe, advance some pressing contemporary questions and concerns.