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Canada-Philippines Alternative Transnational Economies

Canada-Philippines Alternative Transnational Economies

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Principal Investigator: Philip Kelly.

Funding: SSHRC Insight Grant.

Term: 2015-2022.

The research project is interested in transnational economic practices that fall outside either the mainstream economy of corporate trade and investment or the private flows of remittances between family members. The study seeks those linkages that depend on the social networks created by migration and which generate or promote collectivized or non-monetized forms of well-being. This includes: humanitarian fundraising for typhoon victims; collective financing of social infrastructure such as school or clinics; the donation of volunteer skilled labour by members of the Filipino diaspora who return to the Philippines; networks of unpaid labour to care for children and the elderly; the fostering of alternative economic imaginaries through activism; the creation of channels to export products from small-scale and sustainable enterprises in the Philippines. The research profiles these kinds of practices, assesses them critically, and seeks to foster the expansion of socially beneficial transnational economic practices.