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Animal governance in Botswana and Canada

Animal governance in Botswana and Canada

A group of cow on yellow field of grass

Principal Investigator: Alice Hovorka.

Funding: SSHRC Insight Grant.

Term: 2016-2023.

How do we think about animals? Where do we put them and where do they belong? How do we interact with them and are these human-animal relations good, bad, otherwise? How might we understand the lives of animals in terms of their circumstances and experiences, welfare and rights to achieve sustainable and just interspecies relations? The Lives of Animals research group investigates animal governance and the networks of actors, knowledges, structures, practices, and outcomes that shape human management of animals. Case studies of various companion, domestic, and wild animals in Botswana and Canada serve to explore the positionality of animals as influential actors that reflect some theoretical and empirical interest in species relations of power.