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A Podcast Thinking through Language and Native Plants

A Podcast Thinking through Language and Native Plants

a group of people in a field

Principal Investigator: Lisa Myers.

Funding: SSHRC Connection Grant.

Term: 2021-2022.

This podcast creation project is an outreach and knowledge mobilization initiative of Finding Flowers with main focus on researching, replanting and caring for the more-than-twenty Medicine and Butterfly Garden artworks created across Canada by the late Mi'kmaw/Beothuk and 2-Spirit artist Mike MacDonald. MacDonald's gardens were originally planted, and some continue to exist, surrounded by different plant life and languages across the land we know as Canada. Distinct from colonial conceptions of gardens, MacDonald conceived his gardens as art installations, and as spaces for community contemplation and environmental reflection. In this connection, the project will create a sound and conversation-based archive of Indigenous languages, gardens and contemporary art created by Indigenous people, promoting the diverse practices and knowledge of Indigenous artists and Knowledge Holders, such as Mike MacDonald.