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EUC’s 3+2 Degree Pathways

Taking YU a step further, faster

Selecting the right university program is challenging and we know there are so many choices out there, which makes it all that more difficult. Consider a degree program that offers you a pathway to turn your passion for environmental and social justice into your career.

Graduate with the skills and knowledge that will take you further, faster! Become a YU changemaker and apply now to our 3+2 dual degree pathways. You will become the future leader tomorrow needs by completing an undergraduate and graduate degree in just 5 years at York U.

The EUC 3+2 pathways link together 3 years of undergraduate study in Cities, Regions, Planning (BES), Environmental Arts & Justice (BES), Global Geography (BA) or Sustainable Environmental Management (BES) with two years of graduate study in the Master in Environmental Studies (MES) program.

The five-year program structure is designed to provide students with foundational knowledge, critical thinking, hands-on, technical skills and global perspectives necessary to understand the pressing challenges facing people and the planet. Directly afterwards, the next 2 years in the MES program will focus on theoretical and applied knowledge where you will learn how to redefine boundaries of environmental research to create positive social and environmental change.

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Program Overview

Years 1 - 3: EUC’s BES Undergraduate Programs

  • Apply
  • Summer
    Receive your conditional offer of admission & enroll in courses for September.
  • Year 1 & Year 2
    Begin your undergraduate studies at York U in the program you applied to.
    Note: You may not obtain a minor, double major, or certificate program.
  • Year 3
    Apply to the MES-Planning program by February 15. Complete bachelor’s degree program requirements in your declared major (minimum 90.00 credits by April 30 of Year 3) and apply to graduate by the application deadline.

Years 4 - 5: EUC’s Master in Environmental Studies (MES)

  • Summer
    Receive an offer of admission to MES and enroll in courses for September.
  • Year 4
    Begin your studies in the MES program; develop your Plan of Study, complete courses and skills workshops.
  • Year 5
    Complete internships or field studies, final course work and prepare your final research paper or project.
  • Summer
    Defend your major research paper or project and graduate with your BES and MES degrees to begin your career as a change leader!

Benefits of the Pathway to Master in Environmental Studies (MES) Program

The Master in Environmental Studies (MES) program is self-directed and interdisciplinary. Centered on a plan of study, you will create your own, unique program one that will not only focus on your passion to make positive change but will also land you the career you never knew you always wanted. When you graduate from the 3+2 program, you will be in demand by employers that are looking for the future policy-planners, decision-makers and project leaders that will make positive change for a just and sustainable future.
With the support of faculty advisors, you will be able to choose your own direction in the MES program and can explore critical issues in:

  • Environmental Conservation and Management
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Energy Transitions
  • Sustainable Food Systems
  • Environmental and Indigenous Justice
  • International Development and Global Inequities
  • Decolonization, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
  • Environmental Education, Arts & Culture
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Eligibility for the Pathway to the Master in Environmental Studies Program

To be eligible for the Pathway to the Master in Environmental Studies program, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Apply and be admitted to EUC’s Cities, Regions, Planning (BES), Environmental Arts & Justice (BES), Global Geography (BA) or Sustainable Environmental Management (BES) program as either a direct from high school, college or university transfer or mature applicants.
  • Maintain a minimum average of A (or 8.00 on the 9.00 grading scheme or 3.90 on the 4.0 grading scheme on the YU Grading scale) in your program.
  • Complete the graduate application and be admitted to the MES program in the Fall of Yr 3

Note: Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Admissions to the 3+2 with the MES program will still be based on eligibility requirements and an MES Admissions Committee review of the research interests applicants will explore in the MES program.

How to Apply

  1. Apply to Cities, Regions, Planning (BES), Environmental Arts & Justice (BES), Global Geography (BA) or Sustainable Environmental Management (BES) program on the Ontario University Application Centre’s 101 or 105 Application or via the York University’s Online Undergraduate Application.
  2. Be admitted to the above program.
  3. At the end of Year 1, complete a supplementary application form with your academic advisor declaring your interest to pursue the 3+2 pathway.

Key Contact Information

NameTitle ExtensionOffice No.Email
Brittany GiglioRecruitment & Admission Officer22671HNES
Denise McLeod;
Philippa Horne
Office of Student Academic Services (OSAS)33510