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Undergraduate Programs

Become a changemaker for a just and sustainable future.

Set out on a career path for a better world.

The new Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change at York University is a call to action to respond to today’s most pressing challenges facing people and the planet.

Our programs will prepare you with the fundamental knowledge, critical thinking skills, hands-on experience and global perspectives necessary to achieve personal success and make positive change.

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Cities, Regions, Planning (BES)

We live in an urban world. Learn how inclusive and sustainable planning can help cities and regions around the globe face and manage the pressing social and environmental challenges caused by increased urbanization.

Environmental Arts & Justice (BES)

Choose a degree that centres on solutions for a just and equitable world. Address global environmental challenges through political, philosophical, artistic, cultural and educational theory and practice.

Environmental Science (BSc)

Study the science of how environmental systems work through two streams: Environmental Dynamics or Biodiversity and Conservation. Learn to understand, prevent, and solve environmental challenges like climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution, erosion, and extreme weather events. Gain scientific, technical, and analytical skills to create practical solutions to these complex environmental issues.     

Image of a newly developed part of Singapore’s financial centre located on reclaimed land, looking South across the Tanjong Pagar Shipping Terminal. Photo credit: P.F. Kelly

Global Geography (BA)

Geography is about knowing your world and how it works, from the largest cities to the most remote environments. We apply ways of thinking that bring together the arts and sciences to find solutions to real world problems. 

Image of birds on a sandbar from Toronto island with the Toronto skyline in the background. Photo credit: G. Fraser

Sustainable Environmental Management (BES)

Explore some of the most critical issues facing the earth today: the climate crisis, the loss of biodiversity and ecosystem services, waste management, energy consumption and sustainable solutions. Investigate how the environment and natural resources are managed, and how we can transition toward more just and sustainable systems.

Image of someone's back wearing a jean jacket with a cardboard size attached to their back which reads "there is no planet B"

Undeclared Major (BA/BES)

Uncertain which degree to apply to? Consider our NEW Undeclared Major option for undergraduate applicants starting University for the first time!

The Undeclared major option offers you an open first year experience that will provide you with the opportunity to take foundation courses in four majors offered by EUC (Exception applies to majoring the BSc in Environmental Science)

Image of the York University Electric Cr Charging Station at Vanier Parking Lot. Photo credit: M. So Gao

Certificate in Climate Solutions and Sustainable Energy

Learn how to respond to the climate crisis and take action through sustainable energy solutions. Explore the practice and theory behind decarbonization, renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy systems planning and integration.

Image of students working on an art project at the Las Nubes EcoCampus in Costa Rica. Photo credit: D. Barndt

Certificate in Cultural and Artistic Practice for Environmental and Social Justice

The Certificate in Cultural and Artistic Practices for Environmental and Social Justice (CAP) prepares students to collaborate with communities to make art of all forms, to express diverse identities, to explore and take action on social and environmental issues.

Stock image of the globe with digital graphics and a information systems grid

Certificate in Geomatics: Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing

Computing, imaging, Earth observation, and measurement technologies advance rapidly. Embrace these developments and gain job-ready skills to enhance your abilities at quantifying, interpreting, and analyzing spatial and temporal patterns and processes.

Image of a group of York U students walking in the Student Commons in front of the flag pole and Vari Hall

Supporting your success

As a community, we believe that making positive change requires bold and diverse thinking, ambitious action, and community engagement. Right from the beginning of your program, we will be there to support your success inside and outside the classroom. We are inclusive and devoted to making the world a better place for all. 

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