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Prianka Das

Prianka Das

Photo of Prianka Das

Prianka Das

Procurement Specialist at Holt Renfrew

Bachelor in Environmental Studies 2014

"What I learned in FES I don’t think I could have learned any other way."

About Prianka Das

How would you describe your years at FES, and did the program prepare you for your career? How?

My EUC years were challenging but filled with many positive experiences and outcomes. Though out high school, my plan was to focus on graphic design and pursue a visual arts degree in university. However, when I discovered the BES program, I changed my mind to study Environmental Management and pursue my ultimate goal which was to somehow positively contribute to the environment that we live in. I loved the different types of courses that were offered but I mostly enjoyed my group projects.

EUC and my Emergency Management Certifications gave me the skills that I needed to start my career. I am currently working in procurement and am actively applying my knowledge from my BES degree to source products that can positively impact the environment.

What’s your favorite/most memorable memory of your time at York University?

My favourite memories are with my best friend studying and catching up in the Scott library. We surprisingly studied more than we chatted. It was always a peaceful environment to catch up on readings and prepare for exams.

Describe your post-graduation journey including experiences such as employment, volunteer work, community engagement projects.

My current employer (Holt Renfrew) is very action when it comes to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and community engagement projects. I am always part of these events and my most favorite is the ShoeBox Project. Every holiday season we gather gift items in shoeboxes for women in shelters. It brings the entire team together and I value this type of team building activity where we positively contribute to our communities.

What is your current job title, or project you are working on, and how would you describe the work you do in a typical day?

I currently work as a Procurement Coordinator at Holt Renfrew. I help teams in the company find products at a great quality and value. Our team is always trying to source products that have less or no harsh impact on the environment. We are heavily involved in our CSR company goals.

If you could leave current students with a piece of advice, what would it be?

Focus and have fun. FES is a very fun environment especially when you are working on group projects, but you have to always be on top of your readings and stay focused. Skills such as time management and capability to pay attention to details are highly used in a work environment. Master these basic skills through every course and projects that you do. It will truly help you prepare for your post-graduation journey.

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