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Pablo Bose

Pablo Bose

Photo of Pablo Bose

Pablo Bose

Associate Professor/Director of Global and Regional Studies, University of Vermont

PhD in Environmental Studies 2006

"I truly valued the support of my fellow graduate colleagues, my supervisor and committee during my doctoral studies"

About Pablo Bose

Pablo taught during my last year of my PhD at Trent in International Development Studies and began a two-year SSHRC post-doc at the University of Vermont (UVM). In 2008, he started a tenure-track position at UVM and was granted tenure in 2015.

He co-published a book with Peter Penz and Jay Drydyk on development and displacement (Cambridge 2011) based in part on work he did during his PhD, and published a book on urbanization and transnationalism in India (Routledge 2015) based on his dissertation and postdoc work.

His more recent research (funded by the National Science Foundation) has turned to looking at another side of displacement; refugee resettlement, primarily in North America and Europe. He has been conducting a multi-year study of resettlement in small and mid-size cities in the US and also comparatively at the treatment of Syrian refugees in Canada and the US.

He has also collaborated with Anna Zalik and Elizabeth Lunstrum at York on a project looking at environmentally induced displacement globally. Finally, he currently serve as an editor for the journal Urban Geography and is always looking for new authors for his series Urban Pulse which focuses on urban issues in the Global South.


  • Bose, Pablo S. (2018) “Welcome and hope, fear and loathing: the politics of refugee resettlement in a small Vermont town” Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology
  • Bose, Pablo S. 2016. “Vulnerabilities and displacements: adaptation and mitigation to climate change as a new development mantra” Area, 48(2): 168-175.
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