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Jocelyn Thorpe

Jocelyn Thorpe

Photo of Jocelyn Thorpe

Jocelyn Thorpe

Associate Professor, University of Manitoba

PhD in Environmental Studies 2008

"I valued getting to direct my own studies but not on my own, with the guidance and support of my knowledgeable and supportive committee."

About Jocelyn Thorpe

Jocelyn Thorpe is an associate professor in women's and gender studies and history at the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg. Her research draws from critical race, feminist, and environmental studies scholarship to examine the history and legacies of, as well as challenges to, colonialism in the Canadian context. She seeks to understand how past discourses and relationships of power lead to and naturalize present-day social and environmental inequities, and to open up possibilities for more just relationships among humans and between humans and the non-human world in which we live.


  • 2015: Teaching Excellence Award (New Faculty Category), Faculty of Arts, University of Manitoba


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  • Thorpe, Jocelyn. 2012. Temagami‚Äôs Tangled Wild: Race, Gender, and the Making of Canadian Nature. Vancouver: UBC Press.