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Fariha Abedin

Fariha Abedin

Photo of Fariha Abedin

Fariha Abedin

Senior Analyst, Department of Energy, Government of Alberta

Bachelor in Environmental Studies 2012

"During the field course, I participated in a number of different activities, such as learning about sustainable coffee farming and meeting with Indigenous communities, and even getting to know the community members during homestays."

About Fariha Abedin

Graduate Fariha Abedin (BES 2012), began developing her professional experience during her time at the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (EUC) where she coupled experiential education opportunities with the interdisciplinary curriculum at the Faculty.

Fariha completed her Bachelor of Environmental Studies degree at York University and went on to pursue a Master’s degree at the University of Calgary in Sustainable Energy Development. While at York, Fariha embraced the great people, resources and experiential education opportunities, recalling her time as “the best university experience”.

One of Fariha’s fondest memories of the BES program was travelling to Costa Rica with professors and fellow students as part of the Las Nubes field course in 2011.

Currently, Fariha works at the Department of Energy with the Government of Alberta as a Senior Analyst (Project & Policy) building her portfolio in energy diversification and natural gas sector. In addition, she is teaching courses at the University of Alberta in Environmental Resources Management Program. She is also the Co-Founder and Board of Director of Inspire Her Society, a non for profit organization, offering tools and resources as well as networking opportunities for women aspiring to become transformative leaders.

Fariha values all the opportunities she was given as a EUC student, from being able to volunteer as an Event Coordinator with Bachelor of Environmental Studies Student Association (BESSA) to developing long term friendship with her classmates.

Fariha tells anyone looking to pursue a career with a BES degree to become involved in experiential opportunities such as internships and volunteer placements. At EUC, Fariha was fortunate to have participated in a three-year internship with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA). Her time at TRCA opened up a lot of doors at an early stage in her academic career, helped her expand her network and develop as a leader.

Fariha fondly recalls the community of faculty, staff and students at the Faculty of Environmental Studies who supported her success. Today, she is a young professional, mom and leader - proof, that success is obtainable with dedication, perseverance and a drive to create an innovate academic experience.