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Full-time Faculty

Our faculty members are trained in a wide array of fields (including Agriculture, Anthropology, Art History, Biology, Economics, Education, Environmental Studies, Forestry, Geography, Health, History, Law, Planning, Philosophy, Political Science, and Sociology). Together we form a community of urban, environmental and geographical researchers addressing some of the planet’s most pressing problems and challenges.

Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building

Our Full-time Faculty

Teresa Abbruzzese
Assistant Professor; Urban Studies Program Coordinator (Department of Social Science, LA&PS)
Urban care, Smart cities, Digital futures, Urban and Regional governance and planning, Policy mobilities.
Muna-Ubdi Ali
Assistant Professor
Black Studies; Diaspora & Transnational Migration Studies
Alison Bain
Urban Social Geography; Queer Geographies
Professor; Global Geography Coordinator
Urban, Social and Political Geography; Critical Education, Forced Migration
Professor (On sabbatical)
Innovation; Digital & Data Economies; Assetization & rentiership
Professor (On Leave)
Ecosystem Approaches; Watershed Management; Complex Systems
Associate Professor (On Leave)
Environmental Ethics & Philosophy
Sheila R. Colla
Associate Professor; York Research Chair
Pollinator Conservation; Endangered Species; Bumblebees
Assistant Professor; Business and Environment Coordinator
Ecological Economics; Degrowth; Energy Poverty; Wellbeing; Demand and Consumption; Participation and Democracy; EROI (Energy Return on energy Invested).
Marxist Political Economy; India
Associate Professor (On sabbatical)
Climate Change Mitigation; Renewable Energy
Leesa Fawcet
Associate Professor (On sabbatical)
Animal Studies; Biological Conservation; Political Ecology
Sarah Flicker
Professor (On Leave)
Adolescent Sexual Health; Community-Based Research
Associate Professor
Urban Environmental Justice; Political Ecology
Waterbird Ecology; Wildlife Management; Oil & Gas
Assistant Professor
Smart mobility and equity; accessible urban and digital spaces; human-computer interaction (HCI)
Professor; Graduate Program Director (Environmental Studies)
Cities; Migrations; Social & Environmental Justice
Andil Gosine
Professor; Environmental Arts & Justice Coordinator
Environmental Arts and Justice; Caribbean Sexualities
Associate Professor
Queer Theory; British Cultural Studies; Transnational Gender and Sexuality Studies; Critical Race, Ethnic and Migration Studies.
Associate Professor (On Leave)
Energy Justice; Energy Transitions; Community Energy
Professor; Dean (On Leave)
Animal Geographies; Gender & Environment; Southern Africa
Professor; FRSC
Geographies of Violence; Forced Migration
Ilan Kapoor
Professor (On sabbatical)
Critical Development Studies; Postcolonialism; Psychoanalysis
Roger Keil
Professor; Cities Regions Planning Coordinator
Global Suburbanisms; Infectious Disease & Cities
Philip Kelly
Professor; Interim Dean
Economic and Labour Geography; Migration; Southeast Asia
Professor (On sabbatical)
Urban Politics & Planning; Social & Political Theory
Jenifer Korosi
Associate Professor
Lakes; Environmental Change; Permafrost
Abidin Kusno in a podium smiling and looking to the left
Professor; Undergraduate Program Director
Architecture; Cultural Studies; Urban Studies; Indonesia
Professor (On sabbatical)
Global Suburbanism; Planning, Urban Design & Architecture
Associate Professor; Associate Dean Research, Graduate & Global Affair
Political Ecology, Religion, Revolution, Latin America, Ethnography, Rivers
Professor; Canada Research Chair
Indigenous Environmental Justice and Governance
Migration; Ethno-Racial Identities; African Development
Professor; Chair Neotropical Conservation; Director Las Nubes Project
Peasant Livelihoods; Biocultural Diversity
Environmental Assessment; Disasters; Environmentalism
Associate Professor; York Research Chair
Visual Art; Indigenous Art; Curatorial Practice
Assistant Professor
Fluvial Geomorphology, Tropical Rivers, Extreme Events, River Sensing, Machine Learning
Linda Peake
Professor; FRSC (On sabbatical)
Urban Geographies; Feminist and Anti-Racist Geographies
Climate Justice; Commons Governance; Ecological Economics
Justin Podur
Professor; Associate Dean (Teaching and Learning)
Geopolitics; Quantitative Methods; GIS
Tarmo Remmel
Spatial pattern; Boreal Forest Disturbance; Geomatics; Remote sensing; Uncertainty
Assistant Professor
Political Ecology; Land & Food Justice
Climate/Environmental Justice; Forestry & Conservation History
Professor; Coordinator, PhD program in Environmental Studies
Environmental Humanities; Queer, Multispecies & Feminist Ecologies
Dayna Scott
Associate Professor; York Research Chair
Environmental Justice; Gender & Environmental Health
Luisa Sotomayor
Associate Professor; Director of City Institute
Urban Planning; Housing; Urban Policy & Governance
Martha Stiegman
Associate Professor (On sabbatical)
Indigenous Knowledge, Rights & Food Sovereignty
Laura Taylor
Associate Professor; Coordinator, MES Planning Program
Urban & Regional Planning; Climate Change; Exurbia
Associate Professor; Sustainable Environmental Management Coordinator
Arctic Ecosystems; Wildlife Conservation; Animal Physiology
Assistant Professor
Permafrost Thaw; Aquatic Ecosystems; Arctic Coasts
Peter Timmerman
Associate Professor; Environment/Sustainability Education Coordinator
Environmental Ethics and Conflict; Coastal City Management
Associate Professor; Graduate Program Director (Geography)
Labour Geography; Urban Economies; Populism
Associate Professor (On Leave)
Animal Studies; Novel Urban Ecologies
Mark Winfield
Professor; MES Coordinator & MES/JD Coordinator
Sustainable Energy Transitions; Climate Change Policy; Environmental Policy and Governance
Patricia Wood
Citizenship & Governance; Settler Colonialism; Cities
Professor; Environmental Science Coordinator
Arctic Hydrology; Hydrology of Extreme Environments
Global political economy/ecology, Extraction and Infrastructure