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High School Outreach

The Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change provides reach ahead resources and hands-on skill building to support and foster environmental, sustainability, and social justice education for the next generation. With our increasingly interconnected world and booming population, the need for active citizenship and environmental stewardship has never been greater. From wetland conservation and planning sustainable cities to pushing for social justice and bringing about corporate social responsibility, the resources we offer in EUC will complement your EcoSchool’s EcoMandate and assist in your planning for Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) activities.

Enhancing Environmental Education

We are dedicated to inspiring environmental change and social justice in your school. To assist you in enhancing environmental education in your classrooms, we offer a series of dynamic programs that will engage your students beyond the textbook. Whether you need an activity for your Eco-Schools’ conference, Eco-Fair, or to support your classroom curriculum, our programs can assist you in creating a dynamic learning opportunity.

Change Your World 2020

The Change Your World conference aims to inspire youth in Ontario to be the next generation of environmentally and socially active citizens. We welcome high school students and their teachers to this dynamic one-day conference that brings together youth and community organizations from across the province to discuss, collaborate and learn how to make sustainable and equitable change.

30+ High schools across Ontario

20+ Alumni & Community Organizations

30+ Hands on Workshops

SHSM Career Exploration/Reach Ahead

EcoSchool Curriculum

Grades 10-12

We are currently planning how to offer our Change Your World conference in a new virtual format. 

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Virtual Lectures

Whether you’re teaching Regional Geography, Canadian and World Issues, Environmental Science, Resource Management, Equity and Social Justice, World Geography or covering relatable subjects in your curriculum, our virtual lectures by our professors will add something new.  Learn about environmental, geographic, and social justice topics, inspire future interests, and meet SHSM and EcoSchool requirements.

Offered September-April


SHSM Career Exploration

Reach Ahead

EcoSchool Curriculum

Grades 10-12

2020-2021 Virtual Lecture Series

Geographies of COVID-19 in a New World Order: Migration, Containment, and Waiting

With Professor Jennifer Hyndman

September 29 at 10am

Teen Dating During Covid-19

With Professor Sarah Flicker

April 28 at 10am

Environmental Science to Confront the Climate Crisis

With Professor Jennifer Korosi

October 13 at 1:30pm and December 2 at 1:30pm

April 6 at 2pm

A World Without Waste: What Path Do We Take on the Road to a Circular Economy?

With Cal Lakhan, Postdoctoral Fellow

October 19 at 10am and November 25 at 1:30pm

March 25 at 2pm

Bad Reputation: Cormorants and Conservation

With Professor Gail Fraser

October 28 at 2pm and November 17 at 1:30pm

February 9 at 2pm

Toxic Algae Blooms in Ontario Lakes

With Professor Lewis Molot

November 6 at 10am and December 10 at 10am

May 13 at 10am

Loss of Biodiversity in Urban Areas

with BES Students Sarah, Sarika, and Tanishka

Biodiversity is an urgent issue that continues to intensify with the growth of unsustainable urbanization. Discover how a loss of biodiversity is being addressed in urban areas, using Toronto as a case study. Learn how your windows can be used as a tool to protect biodiversity in your own backyard.

April 9 at 9:30am

2020-2021 Workshop and Seminar Series

Looking to add a guest speaker to your classroom or eco-conference? We have developed a series of seminars geared toward inspiring your students to consider post-secondary opportunities in environmental and urban change, learn more about careers in environment, sustainability, and justice, and discover our very own EcoCampus in Costa Rica. 

Offered September-May


SHSM Career Exploration

Reach Ahead

EcoSchool Curriculum

Grades 10-12

2020-2021 Workshop and Seminar Series

Welcome to Environmental & Urban Change

Introducing YorkU’s newest Faculty: The Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change.  Join with us to learn about our program offerings in the Environment and Geography and how you can become a changemaker. 

Listening to the Land: An Introduction to Environmental Justice and Storytelling

Join the Indigenous Environmental Justice (IEJ) Project, led by Canadian Research Chair, Deborah McGregor, to explore stories on the land. How can Indigenous storytelling point to justice and environmental issues? How can Indigenous and non-Indigenous people move toward reconciliation through storytelling? What story can you tell?

Careers in the Environment

The Ecoboom has opened doors for professionals interested in studying the environment and sustainability outside traditional conservation roles.  Explore market trends, career pathways, and next steps for environmental careers in fields such as business, science, and government.

Careers in Geography

What can you do with a degree in Geography?  Discover how studies in Geography prepare you for job opportunities in law, science, technology and more exploring trends and career pathways.”

Discover our Las Nubes EcoCampus in Costa Rica

Take your students on a journey through the cultural and ecological beauty of the Las Nubes Biological Reserve, home to York University’s EcoCampus. Learn about species identification, Indigenous ways of knowing and community development in the Costa Rican rainforest.

Exhibitor at Your School Fair

Are you planning a virtual conference, an Eco-Fair or a career fair at your school? Invite Environmental and Urban Change to run a table in your conference’s marketplace to highlight York University’s Environmental and Geography programs or career pathways.

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Experience Las Nubes at the York University EcoCampus: Bring Your Class to Costa Rica

The Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change offers a 10-day program for high school students at our EcoCampus and other locations in Southern Costa Rica. This field course is rich in experiences that range from food production, forest ecosystems, Indigenous issues, Costa Rican history, rural culture and biodiversity conservation. The program has an immersive community-based approach, which builds on our long-standing relationships with different communities in Southern Costa Rica, including local producers, cooperatives, environmental groups and organizations and Indigenous communities, among others.

Registering in this program is a 2 month process (e.g. if you are planning a trip for March Break, you should start the process in January) and it’s offered throughout the year.

This program is dependent on public health guidelines and restrictions.  Programming likely to continue in Fall 2021.

Register your school for a trip to Costa Rica (Coming Soon!)

EUC Shadow Program for Future Students

Do you have a great student who is passionate about environmental, geographical, and social change? Foster their love of the environment by encouraging them to take part in our EUC Shadow Program for Future Students

Offered Monday to Friday


SHSM Career Exploration/Reach Ahead

Students can:

  • Sit in on an online first or second year Environmental and Urban Change course
  • Meet with a current student
  • Chat with an Admissions Representative

Interested in attending an EUC Shadow day, please email us at

Please note: This program will begin in Winter 2021

Professional Development for Teachers

We hear to support environmental education and that includes professional development for you!  Book one of our workshops below for your next professional development day or sign up for one training sessions.

Earth to Table Legacies

Are you looking for online resources to engage students in discussing critical issues such as food justice and anti-racism, Indigenous history and worldviews, and eating animals? The Earth to Tables Legacies educational package offers teachers and activists 10 videos and 11 photo essays based on intergenerational and intercultural conversations, using food as an entry to these social issues and more.  A visually enticing website includes a teacher's guide for each video and photo essay, with questions, activities, commentaries, and resources for further research and action.

Advanced Teacher Training Certificate Courses with York U and EcoSource

EcoSource and YorkU are partnering together for this year’s Advanced Teacher training program.  Join us for live, interactive online learning sessions for educators led by EcoSource, YorkU professors, and other guest speakers.  The Approaches to Sustainability Education Teacher Certification Program provides the tools to empower elementary and secondary school teachers to implement sustainability education and active citizenship in their school communities. 

High School Outreach in Environmental and Urban Change

Discover the many high school outreach offerings of the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change.  Perfect for guidance counsellor days or teacher conferences, this seminar covers the programming offered by the Faculty and how we can support you in your classroom.

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