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Funding Calendar

This calendar lists some of the most commonly held competitions in Canada and abroad. It is not a comprehensive listing as new opportunities are continually announced throughout the year.  Unless otherwise, the Office of Research Services as with the Faculty has a standard internal deadline date of 10 business days to review applications in advance of the funding agency deadline. Researchers must obtain approval of their application from the Associate Dean Research by completing an ORS Checklist (pdf) or ORS Checklist (DocuSign) and obtaining the required signatures.

Funding Value Agency Registration/LOI/NOI Application Deadline Keywords
Insight Development



February 2, 2023

case studies,
pilot initiatives,
critical analyses

Partnership Grants-Stage 1

Up to $20K


February 10, 2023

research, training and knowledge mobilization

Research & Grants Program

$150K/year for 2 years

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

October 14, 2022

February 17, 2023

health & safety, return to work and recovery

Impact Awards

$50K or $100K


April 1, 2023

research training, knowledge mobilization, and outreach activities