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Raymond A Rogers

Raymond A Rogers

Associated Professor

Vice-Chair, Faculty Council


BA History , University of Manitoba
MES Integrated Marine Resource Management
PhD Environmental Studies , York University

Research Keywords

Relationship Between Economics And The Natural World Focusing On Critiques Of Conservation And Development Application Of Social Theory To The Environmental Crisis Cultural Studies

Contact Information

Research Interests

I am a graduate of the Masters and the PhD programs in FES. My primary area of interest is the conservation of the natural world. Most of my work involves the analysis of current conservation strategies, as represented in resource management, sustainability, and Radical Environmentalism. My primary academic focus is community-based conservation and critiques of globalization. I teach courses in Environmental Thought, Biological Conservation and Environment and Development.

Prior to returning to university, I spent twelve years as a commercial fisherman in Nova Scotia. I have been active in forging links between the fisheries and environmental concerns for the last five years.

Research Output

2000 Solving History: The Challenge of Environmental Activism. Montreal: Black Rose, 211 pages.

1996 The Oceans are Emptying: Fish Wars and Sustainability. Montreal: Black Rose, 187 pages.

1994 Nature and the Crisis of Modernity:  A Critique of Contemporary Discourse on Managing the Earth. Montreal: Black Rose, 202 pages.

Chapters in Books

2012 "Second thoughts on sustainability" in Chris Auffrey and Michael Romanos (eds.) Planning for Sustainable Communities: Theories, Research Methods and Applications (forthcoming).

2012 "TYP@York: Systemic barriers and community engagement" (with Brenda Spotton-Visano) in Transition Year Programs: Opportunities and Constraints. Scholarly Press.

Refereed Articles

2009 “Including the Rogue Primate: The Perils of Integrating Natural and Social Systems”, Environments with Tim Leduc (Vol. 36, No. 2), pp. 20-37.

2004 “The why of the Hau: Scarcity, gifts, and environmentalism", Ecological Economics, with Peter Timmerman, Tim Leduc, and Mark Dickinson. (Vol. 51, No 3-4), pp. 177-189.

2000 “The usury debate, the sustainability debate, and the call for a moral economy,” Ecological Economics, (Vol. 35), pp. 157-171.

2000 “Are environmentalists hysterical or paranoid?: Metaphors of care and environmental security,” Ethics and Environment. 5(2):211-227.

2000 “Policies of extinction: The life and death of Canada’s endangered species legislation (Bill C-65),” Policy Studies Journal. Winter.