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John H Warkentin

John H Warkentin

Professor Emeritus

Senior Scholar

Research Interests

My interests lie in how the writing and study of geography developed in what today is Canada. This has taken me from exploration literature to the scientific exploration of Canada, the mapping of Canada, settlement studies, early teaching of geography in Canadian universities, and regional writing on Canada whether by geographers, scientists and scholars from other disciplines than geography, journalists, or creative writers and artists. Many forces shape the geography of any part of the world, and it is exciting to experience and observe Canada and its regions change and develop in the context of global geography. 

Research Output

A chapter, “A Country Child’s Inner City and Geographical Change,” pp. 28-36; and professional biographies of “Marie Sanderson”, pp. 12-15;

"William Wonders”, 24-27;

"William Dean”, pp. 37-40;

"Richard Ruggles", pp. 41-44;

"Alexander Davidson”. pp. 49-52;

"Richard Baine", pp. 60-64;

“Trudy Bunting”, pp. 89-92 in Jane Macijauskas,

Our Geographical Worlds: Celebrating Award-Winning Geography at the University of Toronto 1995 to 2018, Toronto: Department of Geography and Planning and University of Toronto Association of Geography Alumni, 2022.