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Glen Norcliffe

Glen Norcliffe

Professor Emeritus


BA Geography, University of Cambridge (1965)
MA Geography, University of Toronto (1967)
PhD Geography, University of Bristol (1970)
DSc Geography, University of Bristol (2006)

Research Keywords

Diverse geographies of industry; (De)globalization; Geographical construction of technology (especially bicycles for disabled persons); Performance of the economy in various geographical settings.

Glen Norcliffe

Contact Information

4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON M3J1P3

416 736 5107

416 736 5988

Research Interests

My research is focused on the diverse geographies of industry and of their (de)globalization:  most recently examining the industrialization and monetization of sport (hockey’s Global Player Production Networks being the chosen case study); the geographical construction of technology (especially bicycles).  The next stage of this research is to examine the cycling technologies being developed for persons with disability, their location, and the methods of production; and the performance of the economy in various geographical settings, including sports events and trade shows.

Research Projects

  1.  Global player production networks for hockey. Case studies include: the new geography of elite player production in British Columbia; the global networks of the NHL; and links between China and Canada in developing the Chinese hockey teams for the 2022 Winter Olympics.
  2. I am starting to look at the development of cycling technologies that increase the mobility of disabled persons. Themes include the interplay of users, engineers and new materials in developing new designs/technologies; the production and location of these makers, their supply networks and delivery systems.

Research Output

2022 Glen Norcliffe, Ron Buliung, Annika Kruse and John Radford: “Disability and cycling technology: A socio-historical analysis.” Disability Studies Quarterly, Vol. 42(1) forthcoming.

2020 Stefan Decosse and Glen Norcliffe: “Regional restructuring of industrial sport: the case of elite hockey player production in British Columbia.”  The Canadian Geographer, Vol. 64(1) 120-134.

2019 Norcliffe, Glen: “Mature extractive peripheries and the rise of prodigal cities.” Human Geography Vol. 12(3) 52-56.

2018 Glen Norcliffe: “Technological Change”:  International Encyclopedia of Human Geography 2nd  edition), edited Audrey Kobayashi. (Elsevier).

2018 Glen Norcliffe: “Women and cycling: a revisionist interpretation.”  In Cycle History 28: Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth International Cycle History Conference edited by Gary Sanderson (San Francisco: Cycle Publishing) pp. 86-89.

2018 Glen Norcliffe and Gao Boyang:  “Hurry-slow: automobility in Beijing or a resurrection of the kingdom of bicycles?”  in Philip Gordon Mackintosh,  Richard Dennis and Deryck W. Holdsworth eds. Architectures of Hurry: Mobilities, Cities and Modernity.  London: Routledge, pp. 83-99.

2018 Glen Norcliffe and Judy Bates: “Neoliberal Governance and Resource Peripheries: The Case of Ontario’s mid-North during the Common Sense Revolution.”  Studies in Political Economy Vol. 99(3) 331-354.

2018 Gao Boyang, Michael Dunford, Glen Norcliffe and Liu Weidong: “Governance capacity, state policy and the rise of the Chongqing notebook computer cluster.” Area Development and Policy, Vol.4(3) 321-345: DOI 10.1080/23792949.2018.1544465.

2017 Gao Boyang, Michael Dunford, Glen Norcliffe and Liu Zhigao: “Capturing gains from re-located global production networks: the rise of Chongqing’s notebook computer industry 2008-2014.” Eurasian Geography and Economics (58(2) 231-257.

2017 Glen Norcliffe: “National identity, club citizenship and the formation of the Canadian Wheelman’s Association 1883-87.” Journal of Canadian Studies, Vol. 51(2) 461-484.

2016 Glen Norcliffe [book review] Paul Smethurst (2015) The Bicycle: Towards a Global History (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan) Studies in Travel Writing Vol. 20(3), 313-316. DOI: 10.1080/13645145.2016.1241240.

2015 Glen Norcliffe: Critical Geographies of Cycling: History, Political Economy and Culture, Routledge.

Recognition & Awards

  • Distinguished Alumnus Award, Department of Geography, University of Toronto, 2022
  • D.Sc. University of Bristol, 2006
  • Award for Scholarly Distinction in Geography, Canadian Association of Geographers, 2003