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Anna Zalik

Anna Zalik



PhD Development Sociology, Cornell University
MS Communication, Cornell University
BA (Combined Honours) History and Political Science, University of Alberta

Research Keywords

Political Economy of Development, Global Financialization, and Regional/Agrarian Change.

Graduate Supervision

I supervise students in the graduate programs in Environmental Studies, Geography and Politics.

Anna Zalik

Contact Information

4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

416 736 2100

Research Interests

Anna Zalik is Professor in Global Geography and Environmental and Urban Change at York University. Her work is at the intersection of the political ecology of extraction and the critical political economy of global development, engaging scholarship in agrarian studies, historical sociology and energy and resource geographies.

I supervise students in the graduate programs in  Environmental Studies, Geography and Politics.

Research Projects

Ocean Frontiers – with Professors Leesa Fawcett and Elizabeth Havice

Beyond Transparency – with Dr. Asume Osuoka- Social Action Nigeria

North American oil and gas empires- with Dr. Aleida Hernandez Cervantes

Research Output

2020      Osuoka, I.A. & Zalik, A.. "Beyond transparency: A consideration of extraction's full costs." The Extractive Industries and Society 7.3, 781-785.

2020      Ciupa, K. & Zalik, A. Enhancing corporate standing, shifting blame: An examination of Canada's Extractive Sector Transparency Measures Act. The Extractive Industries and Society, 7(3), 826-834.

2020      Watts, M & Zalik, A. Consistently Unreliable: Oil Spill Data and Transparency Discourse. The Extractive Industries and Society.

2020      Johnson, A. & Zalik, A. (editors). "Extraction, entanglements, and (im) materialities: Reflections on the methods and methodologies of natural resource industries fieldwork." Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space.

2019      Gilbert, L., & Zalik, A “The limits of audit culture extractivism: Risk and reinsurance in Canadian oil transport by rail and pipeline.” Extractive Industries and Society.

2018  (with Dr. Elizabeth Havice). Ocean Frontiers. Themed issue with the International Social Science Journal (ISSJ).

2018      Havice, E and Zalik, A. “Ocean Frontiers: Epistemologies, Jurisdictions, Commodifications - Introduction to the special issues on Ocean Frontiers.” International Social Science Journal.

2018      Cervantes, A. H., & Zalik, A. “Canadian Capital and the Denationalization of the Mexican Energy Sector: A Geojuridical Approach.”  Journal of Latin American Geography, 17 (3), 42-72.

2018      Zalik, A. “Mining the seabed, enclosing the Area: proprietary knowledge and the geopolitics of the extractive frontier beyond national jurisdiction.” International Social Science Journal.

2017      Carter, A., G. Fraser and A. Zalik. Environmental Policy Convergence in Canada's Fossil Fuel Provinces? Regulatory Streamlining, Impediments, and Drift. Canadian Public Policy. 43 (1).

2015      Zalik, A. “Resource Sterilization: Reserve Replacement, Financial Risk and Environmental Review in Canada’s Tar Sands”. Environment and Planning A. 47 (12), 2446-2464.

2015      Zalik, A. ( “On Huber’s Lifeblood: Oil, Freedom and the Forces of Capital” Book Review Forum, Cultural Geographies. 22 (4), 743-746.


Course CodeTitle
..Extraction and its Discontents 
..PhD Research Design