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L. Anders Sandberg

L. Anders Sandberg



PhD Geography, McGill University
MA Geography, Univeristy of Victoria
BA Geography, Simon Fraser University

Research Keywords

Political economy/ecology; forest and environmental history.

Graduate Supervision

I supervise students in the graduate programs in Geography and Environmental Studies.

Anders Sandberg

Contact Information

4700 Keele Street
Toronto, ON M3J 1P3 - HNES 267

416 736 2100 x 40368

Research Interests

I am currently involved in researching various histories of the university campus and other local and Indigenous landscapes in the Toronto region. This research touches on political ecology/economy, environmental history, and critical toponomy (the history of the naming of places). It also calls attention to the presence of the Huron-Wendat in the Toronto region, one of the Indigenous groups routinely mentioned in land acknowledgements, yet not well known or recognized by the public or the academic community.

I also maintain a continuing research interest in the political economy and ecology of the development, aggregate and forest industries in the Toronto region and their attendant consequences, such as urban sprawl, rural gentrification and environmental despoliation.

Research Projects

(Gerda Wekerle, Stephen Bocking and Stephen Hill), Contested Countryside: Landuse and Conflicts in Southern Ontario, SSHRC Insight Grant, 2012-2015.

(Adrina Bardekjian and Jay Pitter), Alternative Campus Tour, York University Academic Innovation Fund, 2000 - Lead, editor, and contributor of multiple stories,

Research Output

2017 (J. Thorpe, S. Rutherford, and L.A. Sandberg) (eds.) Methodological Challenges in Nature-Culture and Environmental History Research. London: Routledge. 321 pp.

2015 (J. Foster and L.A. Sandberg) (eds.) Post-Industrial Urban Greenspace: An Environmental Justice Perspective. London: Routledge. 96 pp. First published as a Special Issue on Post-Industrial Urban Landscapes, Local Environment, 19, 10, 1043-1133.

2014 (Sandberg, L.A., A. Bardekjian, and Sadia Butt) (eds.) Urban Forests, Trees and Greenspace: A Political Ecology Perspective. London: Routledge. 332 pp.

2013 (Sandberg, L.A., G. Wekerle, and L. Gilbert, The Oak Ridges Moraine Battles: Sprawl, Development, and Nature Conservation in the Toronto Region. Toronto: University of Toronto Press. 320 pp.

2000 (Sandberg, L. A. and P. Clancy) Against the Grain: Foresters and Politics in Nova Scotia. Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 335 pp.

2021 (D. Leffers, G. Wekerle, and L.A. Sandberg), “Competing Claims in Land Use Policy: Property Development and Mineral Aggregate Industries.” Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. DOI: 10.1080/09640568.2021.1950657

2021 (L.A. Sandberg, J. Johnson, R. Gualtieri and L. Lesage), “Re-Connecting with a Historical Site: On Narrative and the Huron-Wendat Ancestral Village at York University, Toronto,” Ontario History, CXIII, 1 (Spring 2021), pp. 80-103.

2019 (L.A. Sandberg and P. Clancy), Forest Pasts and Forest Futures: Lessons from Nova Scotia, Canada,” Forest History Today, 25, 1-2 (Spring/Fall), pp. 26-33.

2017 (Sandberg, L.A., M. Stiegman, and J. Thistle), “’But Where Am I?’ Reflections on digital activism promoting Indigenous Peoples’ presence in a Canadian heritage village.” In J. Thorpe, S. Rutherford, and L.A. Sandberg, (eds.). Methodological Challenges in Nature-Culture and Environmental History Research. London: Routledge, pp. 298-308.

2015 “Subverting the Enterprise University: The Case of the Alternative Campus Tour at York University, Toronto, Canada,” International Studies in Widening Participation, 2, 2, pp. 12-19.

2014 “Environmental Gentrification in a Post-Industrial Landscape: The Case of the Limhamn Quarry, Malmö, Sweden,” Local Environment: The International Journal of Justice and Sustainability, 19, 10, pp. 1068-1085.

2013 (Sandberg, L.A.), “On Stockades and Bridges: From York University to the Jane and Finch Neighbourhood.” In (Sandberg, L.A., S. Bocking, C. Coates, and K. Cruikshank) (eds.) Urban Explorations: Environmental Histories of the Toronto Region. Hamilton, ON: L.R. Wilson Institute for Canadian History, pp. 96-118.

2013 (Sandberg, L.A. and L. Wallace), “Conservation and Development: From Rouge Park to the Oak Ridges Moraine.” In (Sandberg, L.A., S. Bocking, C. Coates, and K. Cruikshank) (eds.) Urban Explorations: Environmental Histories of the Toronto Region. Hamilton, ON: L.R. Wilson Institute for Canadian History, pp. 310-336.

2013 (L.A. Sandberg and L. Wallace), “Leave the Sand in the Land, Let the Stone Alone”: Pits, Quarries, and Climate Change,” ACME: An International E-Journal for Critical Geographies, 12, 1, pp. 65-87.

Other Key Contributions


Alternative Campus Tour Website,

Lead, editor and stories authored or co-authored:

  • Honouring the Citizen-Taxpayer at the York University Common (2022)
  • Looking for the Huron-Wendat at York University? (2021)
  • What is in a Name? What does the Duke of York have to do with York University? (2020)
  • Gandhi versus Ambedkar: The story of two statues in the Scott Library (2019)
  • The Walkers Walk: The pavilion that was not to be (2018)
  • Vari Hall: A public or private space? (2018)
  • The Ross Building Ramp and Terrace: Curse of promise? (2018)
  • Stong Pond: What role does it play in managing the storm water on campus? (2017)


Kiskisiwin/Remembering. A film written and directed by Martha Stiegman and Jesse Thistle and produced by Martha Stiegman and L. Anders Sandberg

Recognition & Awards

  • 2022 Cultural Districts Advisor, Jay Pitter Placemaking for the City of Toronto
  • 2014-2018 International Advisory Board Member, Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia
  • 2013 Certificate in Recognition of Outstanding Contribution to Teaching & Learning and Student Experience, York Academic Innovation Fund
  • 2011 Dean's Teaching Award, Faculty of Environmental Studies
  • 2008 Semi-finalist, TV Ontario's Best Lecturer Competition


Course CodeTitle
GEOG 1402Environmental Planning
ENVS 4750Political Ecology of Landscapes
ENVS 3120Environmental History
ENVS 4310Extraction and its Discontents