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Alan Hill

Alan Hill

Professor emeritus & senior Scholar


Ph.D. Geography, Queen's University, Belfast

B.A. (Honours 1st Class), Geography, Queen's University, Belfast

Research Keywords

Biogeochemistry, hydrology, wetlands, riparian buffer zones and streams.

Contact Information

Research Interests

My research examines the interactions between biogeochemistry and hydrology that regulate stream chemistry in temperate landscapes. I focus on analyzing the role of the near-stream (riparian) zone and the hyporheic zone (the zone of stream water and subsurface water mixing in stream beds) in regulating the biogeochemistry of nitrogen and other mineral elements in agricultural and forested watersheds.

Research Output

Hill A.R. 2023. Patterns of nitrate retention in agriculturally influenced streams and rivers. Biogeochemistry 163:155-183.

Hill A.R. 2019. Groundwater nitrate removal in riparian buffer zones: a review of research progress in the past 20 years. Biogeochemistry 143: 347-369.

Hill A.R. 2018. Landscape hydrogeology and its influence on patterns of groundwater flux and nitrate removal efficiency in riparian buffers. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 54: 240-254

Hill A.R and Sadowski E.K. 2016. Chloride concentrations in wetlands along a rural to urban land use gradient. Wetlands 36: 73-83

Hill A.R., Devito K.J. and Vidon P.G. 2014. Long-term nitrate removal in a stream riparian zone. Biogeochemistry 121: 425-439.

Hill A.R. 2012. The impact of pipe flow in riparian peat deposits on nitrate transport and removal. Hydrological Processes 26: 3135-3146.

Bravo D. and Hill A.R. 2012. The effect of chronic high groundwater nitrate loading on riparian forest growth and plant-soil processes. Water Air and Soil Pollution 223: 73-84.

Hill A.R. 2011. Buried organic-rich horizons: their role as nitrogen sources in stream riparian zones. Biogeochemistry 104: 347-363.

Shabaga J.A. and Hill A.R.  2010.  Groundwater-fed surface flow path hydrodynamics and nitrate removal in three riparian zones in southern Ontario, Canada. Journal of Hydrology 388: 52-64.