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Adeyemi Oludapo Olusola

Adeyemi Oludapo Olusola

Assistant Professor


PhD, Geography, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

MSc, Geography, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria

BSc, Geography, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, Nigeria

Research Keywords

Fluvial Geomorphology, Tropical Rivers, Extreme Events, River Sensing, and Machine Learning

Contact Information

4700 Keele St, Toronto ON M3J 1P3


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Research Interests

I am a river catchment scientist with a profound passion for unraveling the intricate dynamics of rivers and their susceptibility to human impacts. My journey in research commenced with a focus on headwater streams and smaller catchments, but I have since broadened my horizons to delve into the study of larger rivers, with a particular emphasis on the River Niger. My primary mission in river dynamics and sensing is to decipher the complex interplay between natural processes and the resulting formations while harnessing the predictive power of a harmonious fusion of field-based measurements, Earth Observations, and cutting-edge machine learning algorithms. Furthermore, I investigate the profound influence of extreme events such as floods, droughts, and human activities on the hydro-geomorphology of river basins and their repercussions for river ecosystems.

My work extends beyond the mere study of river dynamics and the analysis of extreme events. Instead, I aim to comprehend the holistic impact of combined pressures, encompassing anthropogenic activities and the evolving climate, on rivers and their surrounding catchments. To achieve this, I employ a comprehensive toolkit, which includes field measurements, historical analyses, models, statistical methodologies, and geospatial techniques. Ultimately, my overarching objective is to nurture the well-being of our rivers, ensuring they continue to provide essential ecosystem services. As an educator, I am deeply committed to imparting foundational knowledge of fluvial systems and equipping my students with problem-driven research methodologies that yield innovative solutions to catchment-wide challenges across diverse landscapes, utilizing state-of-the-art and emerging techniques. My goal is to empower the next generation of environmental scientists to effectively address both existing and emerging environmental issues, contributing to a sustainable future for our planet.

Research Projects


Geomatics for Analyzing Climate Change Effects on Ecosystems and Human Populations

VPRI Catalyzing Interdisciplinary Research Clusters (CIRC), Co-Applicant

PI: Tarmo Remmel

Landscapes in Transition: Environmental Sensitivities Due to Climate Change

Canadian Foundation for Innovation JELF, Co-Principal Investigator

Research Output

Faniran, A; Jeje L; Ebisemiju, F; Olusola, A. (2021). Essentials of Geomorphology. 2nd Edition. Penthouse Publications, Ibadan, Nigeria.

Edited Books

Faniran, A., kosoko Jeje, L., Fashae, O. A., & Olusola, A. O. (Eds.). (2023). Landscapes and Landforms of Nigeria. Springer Nature.

Adelabu, S., Ramoelo, A., Olusola, A., & Adagbasa, E. (Eds.). (2022). Remote Sensing of African Mountains: Geospatial Tools Toward Sustainability. Springer Nature.

Journal Articles

Olusegun, C., Ojo, O., Olusola, A., & Ogunjo, S. (2023). Solar radiation variability across Nigeria’s climatic zones: a validation and projection study with CORDEX, CMIP5, and CMIP6 models. Modeling Earth Systems and Environment, 1-18.

Ogunjo, S., Olusola, A., & Durowoju, O. (2023). Multidecadal trend analysis of hydrological drought along River Niger using the Streamflow Drought Index. Singapore Journal of Tropical Geography.

Olusola, A., Ogunjo, S., & Olusegun, C. F. (2023). The role of teleconnections and solar activity on the discharge of tropical river systems within the Niger basin. Environ Monit Assess 195, 476 (2023).

Okpalaonwuka, C., Olusegun, C. F., Olusola, A., & Ogunjo, S. (2023). Validation of MODIS AOD retrievals in West Africa: a comparison with AERONET observations. Air Quality, Atmosphere & Health, 1-10.

Olusegun, C. F., Ogunjo, S., & Olusola, A. (2023). Evolution and copula modelling of drought duration and severity over Africa using CORDEX‐CORE regional climate models. International Journal of Climatology.

Ogunjo, S., Olusola, A., & Olusegun, C. (2023). Potential of using floating solar photovoltaic and wind farms for sustainable energy generation in an existing hydropower station in Nigeria. Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 1-14.

Obateru, R.O., Fashae, O.A., Osakunih, O.I., Olusola, A.O (2023) Hydraulic geometry influences some water quality parameters in a tropical headwater basin in southwestern Nigeria. Acta Geophys

Adeola, F. O., Caleb, F. O., & Oludapo, O. A. (2023). Riparian health conditions of headwater streams in Southwestern Nigeria. International Journal of River Basin Management,21(3).

Olusola, A.O, Olutoyin, F.A, Olumide, O.D and Adelabu S. (2022). (2022). River sensing: the inclusion of red band in predicting reach-scale types using machine learning algorithms. Hydrological Sciences Journal, 67(11), 1740-1754.

Fashae, O., Obateru, R., Olusola, A., & Dragovich, D. (2022). Factors controlling gully morphology on the quartzite ridges of Ibadan, Nigeria. CATENA, 212, 106127.

Orimoloye, I.R., Olusola, A.O., Belle, J.A., Pande, C.B., Ololade, O.O. (2022). Drought disaster monitoring and Land use dynamics: Identification of drought drivers using regression-based algorithms. Natural Hazards, 1-22.

Ogunjo, S. and Olusola, A.O., and Durowoju, O.S. (2022). Temporal variation in deterministic chaos at two stations along River Niger. Arabian Journal of Geosciences, 15(3), 1-11.

Ogunjo, S. and Olusola, A.O. (2022). Signature of teleconnection patterns in river discharge within the Niger Basin. Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics, 134(2), 1-15.

Orimoloye, I. R., Belle, J. A., Orimoloye, Y. M., Olusola, A. O., & Ololade, O. O. (2022). Drought: A Common Environmental Disaster. Atmosphere, 13(1), 111.

Book Chapters (selected)

Fashae, O. A., Olusola, A., Obateru, R., & Faniran, A. (2023). Quartzite Ridges in Southwestern Nigeria. In Landscapes and Landforms of Nigeria (pp. 191-200). Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland.

Eludoyin, A. O., Olusola, A., Fashae, O. A., Jeje, L. K., & Faniran, A. (2023). Geology and Landscapes of the Southwestern Nigeria. In Landscapes and Landforms of Nigeria (pp. 201 – 216) Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland.

Jeje, L. K., Orimoogunje, O., & Olusola, A. (2023). Hills and Ridges in Southwestern Nigeria. In Landscapes and Landforms of Nigeria (pp. 71-87). Cham: Springer Nature Switzerland.

Olusola, A.O., Adedeji, O., Akpoterai, L., Ogunjo, S.T., Olusegun, C.F., Adelabu, S. (2022). Flood Assessment Along Lower Niger River Using Google Earth Engine. In: Dubey, S.K., Jha, P.K., Gupta, P.K., Nanda, A., Gupta, V. (eds) Soil-Water, Agriculture, and Climate Change. Water Science and Technology Library, vol 113. Springer, Cham.

Ogunjo, S.T., Olusola, A.O., Olusegun, C.F. (2022). Bivariate Copula Modelling of Precipitation and River Discharge Within the Niger Basin. In: Dubey, S.K., Jha, P.K., Gupta, P.K., Nanda, A., Gupta, V. (eds) Soil-Water, Agriculture, and Climate Change. Water Science and Technology Library, vol 113. Springer, Cham.

Olusola, A., & Adelabu, S. (2022). Satellite sensors, machine learning, and river channel unit types: A review. Current Directions in Water Scarcity Research, 7, 117-132. Elsevier

Olusola, A. O., Onafeso, O. D., Fashae, O. A., & Adelabu, S. (2022). Geomorphological Analyses of Third-Order Basins in Southwestern Nigeria. In Drainage Basin Dynamics (pp. 455-475). Springer, Cham.

Recognition & Awards

  • Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa
  • Best Graduating Student, Department of Geography, University of Ibadan, Ibadan (MSc 2011/12 Academic Session)


Course CodeTitle
EU/GEOG 1402Physical Geography: The Dynamic Earth
EU/GEOG 2600Geomorphology
EU/GEOG 3700Disaster! The Earth's Extreme Natural Events
EU/GEOG 4600Rivers: Environment and Process