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Gosine, Andil

Gosine, Andil


Gosine, Andil


Environmental Arts & Justice Coordinator

PhD , York University
MPhil , University of Sussex
BES (Honours) , York University

Environmental arts; Environmental justice; Caribbbean sexualities.


Current Projects

Everything Slackens in a Wreck, 2020

Visual Arts after Indenture, 2019

Art in a Crisis, 2019

Previous Projects

Wendy Nanan (Film), Canada Council for the Arts, 2018

All the Flowers, Canada Council for the Arts, 2017

Coolitude: A Digital Archive, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, 2015

Selected Publications

A. Gosine (2021). Nature's Wild: Love, Sex, and Law in the Caribbean. Duke University Press.

A. Gosine (2020) “Interracial Picturesque: Lorraine O’Grady’s History of the Americas,” The Art of Global Power, London: Routledge.

A. Gosine (2019) “Desir Cannibale,” Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas.

A. Gosine (2019) “Animal,” C Magazine.

A. Gosine (2018) “Rescue and real love: same-sex desire in international development,” Routledge Handbook of Queer Development Studies, CL Mason, ed., London: Taylor Francis.

A. Gosine (2017)“After Indenture,” Small Axe, Issue 53, Duke.  Guest Editor of Special Themed Section on “Art After Indenture.

A. Gosine (2016) “My Mother’s BabyWrecking Work After Indentureship,” in Indo-Caribbean Feminist Thought, G. Hosein and L. Outar, eds., London: Palgrave.

A. Gosine (2016) “Punghah/Men in Skirts: A Plea for History,” Gender and Development: Critical Engagements in Feminist Theory and Practice, Wendy Harcourt, ed., London: Palgrave.

A. Gosine (2015) Real Love and Rescue: Same- sex desire in international development, Institute of Development Studies (monograph).

A. Gosine (2015) “Lorraine O’Grady’s New Worlds,” in Where Margins Become Centers (CCVA).

A. Gosine and C. Teelucksingh (2008) Environmental Justice and Racism in Canada: An Introduction. Toronto: Edmond Montgomery Publications.


ENVS 3122 - Create, Curate, Critique: An Environmental Arts Workshop

ENVS 6150 - Popular Education for Social Change

ENVS 6349 - Cultural Production Workshop