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Fraser, Gail

Fraser, Gail


Fraser, Gail


Undergraduate Program Director

Sustainable Environmental Management Coordinator

PhD Biopsychology , Memorial University of Newfoundland
MSc Zoology , North Dakota State University
BSc Biological Sciences , University of Minnesota

Waterbird ecology; Wildlife management; Protected area management; Environmental management of offshore oil & gas.

I have two distinct areas of research that are connected through my interests in waterbirds.  I undertake field-based research to explore questions about animal behaviour and wildlife management. My research on the management of offshore oil and gas is driven by a desire to improve the conservation and protection of marine habitats.  I teach science-based courses where my goal is to develop interesting case studies, some of which are linked to my research, to explain concepts related to conservation and ecology.


  • SSHRC, Insight Grant (2019). Offshore oil exploratory drilling and marine protected areas: Assessing decision-making processes and outcomes in comparative developed state cases. Principal Investigator.
  • SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant (2019). Rubble to Refuge: Toronto's Leslie Street Spit. Co-applicant.


  • Dean's Teaching Award, Faculty of Environmental Studies

Selected Publications

McDonald, K., R. Toninger, A. Chreston, I. Feldmann and G.S. Fraser. 2018.  Living with double-crested cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus): A spatial approach for non-lethal management in Toronto, Canada. Waterbirds 41(2): 208-220. 

Fraser, G.S. and A. Carter. 2018. Seabird attraction to artificial light in Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore oil fields: Documenting failed regulatory governance. Ocean Yearbook 32: 267-282.

McRae, M., M. Azadbakhsh and G.S. Fraser. 2017. The advertising display of double-crested cormorants varies with microhabitat and time of the season in a tree-nesting colony. Acta Ethologica 20(3): 319-327.  

Gupta, A., K. Rudmik and G.S. Fraser. 2017. Evidence for a negative effect of Double-crested cormorants (Phalacrocorax auritus) on invasive European fire ants (Myrmica rubra). Canadian Field Naturalist 131: 347-349.

Carter, A., G.S. Fraser and A. Zalik. 2017.  Environmental Policy Convergence in Canada’s Fossil Fuel Provinces? Regulatory Streamlining, Impediments, and Drift.  Canadian Public Policy 43(1):

Fraser, G.S. and V. Racine. 2016. An evaluation of the reporting and response to small hydrocarbon spills from offshore oil production projects, Newfoundland, Canada: Implications for seabird conservation. Marine Pollution Bulletin 107: 36-45.

Fraser, G.S. and J. Russell. 2016.  Following up on uncertain environmental assessment predictions: The case of offshore oil projects and seabirds off Newfoundland and Labrador. Journal of Environmental Assessment, Policy and Management 18(1): 33 pages.

Chin, A., D.C. Tozer, N.G. Walton and G.S. Fraser. 2015.  Comparing bird-based disturbance gradients and indices of biotic integrity for ranking the health of great lakes coastal wetlands. Ecological Indicators 57: 475-485.

Chin, A., D.C. Tozer and G.S. Fraser. 2014. Hydrology influences generalist-specialist bird-based indices of biotic integrity in Great Lakes coastal wetlands. Journal of Great Lakes Research 40(2): 281-287.


  ENVS 1500 Introduction to Environmental Science 2020-21.