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Bello, Richard L

Bello, Richard L

 Bello_Richard L

Bello, Richard L

Associate Professor

PhD Geography , McMaster University
BA Geography , McMaster University

Global/climate change; Geography; Climate science; Northern environments; Carbon dynamics; Measurement of greenhouse gas exchange; Hudson Bay Lowlands; Toronto's urban environment.

My undergraduate courses link climate science with physical hydrology and plant biology, with a particular emphasis on northern environments. SC/GEOG 2400 The Hydrosphere; SC/GEOG 4205 Climates of High Latitudes; SC/GEOG 4210 Hydrometeorology; SC/GEOG 4215 Ecological Climatology. For the past three decades, graduate students have driven my northern field research program which focuses on the water balance and greenhouse gas exchange from the peatlands and ponds in the Hudson Bay Lowlands based out of the Churchill Northern Studies Centre in Churchill Manitoba. I have a particular interest in how climate change is altering sea-ice on Hudson Bay and in turn, modifying the permafrost and vegetation in the Hudson Bay Lowlands. I have recently developed a new research program examining the hydrology and carbon dynamics of Eastern White Cedar forests of the Bruce Peninsula.

Selected Publications

Zhu, H., Liu, J., Zhou, X., Chen, X., Qiu, X., Bello, R.,Deng, Z. The Ontario Climate Data Portal, a user-friendly portal of Ontario-specific climate projections. Sci Data 7, 147 (2020).

Bello, Richard and K Higuchi, 2019. Changing Surface Radiation and Energy Budgets of the Hudson Bay Complex using the North American Regional Reanalysis (NARR) model. Arctic Science. DOI 10.1139/AS-2018-0034.

Ghunowa, Kimisha, AS Medeiros, R Bello, 2019. Hyperspectral analysis of algal biomass in northern lakes, Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, Arctic Science, DOI 10.1139/AS-2018-0030.

Kent, Alex, T.D.Drezner and R. Bello, 2018. The arrival of potentially invasive species into boreal forest and tundra of the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Canada. Polar Biology, Polar Biology (2018) 41:2007–2022.

Ashtine, Masao, Richard Bello, Kaz Higuchi, 2016. Assessment of wind energy potential over Ontario and Great Lakes using the NARR data: 1980–2012.Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 56, p272-282.

Ashtine M, R Bello, K Higuchi, 2016. Feasibility of small wind turbines in Ontario: Integrating power curves with wind trends. Resources, 5 (44), 14pp.

Delidjakova KK, R Bello, K Higuchi, 2016. The influence of Hudson Bay on the carbon dynamics of a Hudson Bay Lowlands coastal site. Arctic Science. 2016 2(3): 142-163,

Xiaogang Wang, Jiafeng Wang, Curtis Russell, Paul Proctor, Richard Bello, Kaz Higuchi and Huaiping Zhu, 2014. Clustering of the Abundance of West Nile Virus Vector Mosquitoes in Peel Region, Ontario, Canada, Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 10.1007/s10651-014-0273-8.

Upcoming Courses

Fall 2020 EU/GEOG4215 Ecological Climatology

Winter 2021 EU/GEOG4210 Hydrometeorology

Fall/Winter 2020 EU/GEOG2400 The Hydrosphere

Fall 2020 GS/GEOG5630 Physical Hydrology of Water

Fall 2020 GS/GEOG5607 Ecological Climatology

Fall 2020 GS/GEOG5607 Ecological Climatology

Winter 2021 GS/GEOG5608 Hydrometeorology