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Printing and Scanning


Printers for the use of EUC students are available in 259 HNES. Printer details and costs are as follows:

Printer NamePrinting TypePaper TraysCost per single side
ES-EUCLAB-A-DOUBLESIDE & SINGLESIDEDouble-sided printing by default1: – 2: Letter 3: Letter$0.10 per page
ES-EUCLAB-B-DOUBLESIDE & SINGLESIDEDouble-sided printing by default1: – 2: Letter 3: Letter$0.10 per page
ES-EUCLAB-COLOURColour printing1: – 2: Letter 3: 11″ x 17″$0.25 per page (Letter) $0.50 per page (11″ x 17″)

You need a YU Card to print. For more information about obtaining, reporting, or updating balance please visit YU-card. Students are responsible for their own Card balances. Faculty members, staff and GAs should see the EUC Help Desk for instructions. No printing refunds will be given.

How do I print?

When your document is open, select print then choose one of the printer names above. Your print job will be sent to the Print Release Station PC and will be held in a queue until it is “released” by you. Note that print jobs will automatically be deleted in three days (72 hours). To “release” the print job go to the Print Release Station PC in 259 HNES and follow the on-screen instructions.

Remote Printing

WebPrint allows you to print to publicly-accessible campus printers from your laptop or desktop computer.


There are three scanners available in the EUC computer labs – one in each of the PC labs in HNES 253 and 258, with the other in the GIS lab in HNES 249. All three can scan images and convert text documents into editable files using Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Scanning is quite simple, but can require minute adjustments that take time to learn. You may want to do additional research on how to achieve your desired results before beginning. To use one of the scanners, log in to the computer attached to the scanner and double click the “Scanner” icon to launch the scanning software. If you need help, open the “Scanning Instructions” icon.