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FAS - File Access Service


FAS – File Access Service allows access to campus computers at libraries and labs such as the Computer Labs and Computing Commons. Note that access to some campus labs may be restricted depending on the courses students are enrolled in.

How do I get it?

Passport York account is required for access to EUC computer labs and other FAS resources. Please note that only EUC students, staff and faculty members, and non-EUC students registered in EUC courses are given access to EUC computer Labs.

For any questions or concerns regarding computer access in the EUC Computer Labs, please contact the EUC Help Desk.

Disk space

FAS computer access comes with private disk space in the form of a home network directory (F: drive for students, X: drive for faculty & staff) where you can save your files. When working on EUC computers, be sure to save your files in this directory and not in another location, or else your work will be lost.

Each undergraduate student is granted 1GB of disk space every year.

Each graduate student is granted 1GB of disk space for the duration of their program of study.

Due to the possibility of computer error, we strongly recommend that you create backup copies of all essential files using disks, CDs or USB flash drives. The Faculty is not responsible for lost work.