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EUC Technology Enhanced Spaces

The EUC Technology Services team maintains and troubleshoots the Faculty’s technology enhanced spaces (rooms with screens/projectors etc.) in conjunction with York University’s Audio Visual Support Services (UIT – AVSS).

Each page below summarizes the seating capacity of each room along with its technology components, as well as instructions on how to use the equipment. We also update the pages with the status of the equipment. Due to global supply shortages, some rooms require repairs that are delayed, so if you are unfamiliar with a room, please check the page to know the status as repairs may be considerably delayed.

These rooms have a sign posted with a QR code that points to its corresponding information page. Just point your phone camera at the page and follow the link for more information.

Your feedback is welcome! If you would like to see more information on these pages, or if you discover that there are malfunctions or other areas for improvement in the rooms, please email for repairs or to propose improvements and upgrades.

Students chatting in a lab

Available rooms

Room Type Maximum Capacity
Classroom - HNES 102 Classroom 35
Ross N120 Classroom 50
Lounge - HNES 136 Lounge 200
John Warkentin Room - HNES 138 Meeting & Conference 8
Meeting/Conference Room - HNES 140 Meeting & Conference 150
Classroom - HNES 141 Classroom 30
Classroom - HNES 142 Classroom 24
Classroom - Ross N143 Classroom 55
Classroom - HNES 143 Classroom 12
Planning Workshop Hub - HNES 207 Meeting & Conference 21
Black Community Space - HNES 248 Meeting & Conference 12
EUC Technology Lab 1 - HNES 253 Computer Lab 34 computers (33 PCs and 1 instructor PC)
EUC Technology Lab 2 - HNES 258 Computer Lab 41 computers (40 PCs and 1 instructor PC)
Classroom - HNES 281 Classroom 15
EUC Technology Teaching Lab - Ross N302 Computer Lab 31 computers (30 PCs and 1 instructor PC)

Lab Policies

Access to Computer Facilities

  • Access to facilities is dependent upon scheduled classes in the lab.
  • Students are only allowed to use PCs outside their lab session during drop-in times.
  • Access to the EUC network and other remote systems are free to all registered EUC students, and students enrolled in ENVS courses with valid Passport York account.
  • Both EUC graduate and undergraduate students share the facility.
  • Priority for use will be for teaching.

Use of the Computer Facilities

  • No food or drink containers are allowed in the EUC computer lab. Users who fail to comply with the No Food and Drink policy after one warning will face account suspension of EUC computing access for one week (5 business days). Any further infractions may result in the permanent removal of a user’s EUC computing account privileges. Please respect the technology.
  • Use of the facilities is restricted to course-related work.
  • Computers are available on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis.
  • Students are not permitted to download or install any software onto the EUC computing system, or use any unauthorized software on the EUC computing system (i.e. games, chat programs). Failure to comply will result in immediate and permanent loss of all EUC computing privileges.
  • Please logout and allow others to use your machine if you will be away for any length of time. If you are away from your computer for more than twenty minutes, you will be logged out of the computer automatically.
  • Software and hardware are property of EUC. Copying any of the applications from the EUC system is illegal. If you do so, you will lose your computer access and you may be charged with theft.
  • It is not permitted to modify any of the default settings on the system’s application software.
  • Cell phone use is not allowed in any of the computer labs. Persons who wish to use their cell phones must do so outside of the computer lab area.
  • Be considerate of others working in the room by keeping the noise level down.

How do I get help?

Contact the UIT Helpdesk at

Please note that EUC IT Services is not responsible for the operation of the equipment