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EUC Student Gathering: Towards Food Sovereignty and Arts-based Methodology

EUC Student Gathering: Towards Food Sovereignty and Arts-based Methodology

EUC Student Gathering: Towards Food Sovereignty and Arts-based Methodology held on January 30th was a remarkable convergence of minds, ideas, and creativity, with a focus on the dynamic interplay between art, sustainability, and food sovereignty. Attended by 30 enthusiastic participants, including students and professors from diverse environmental studies classes and other disciplines, the event provided a platform for vibrant discussions, networking, and the launch of a groundbreaking book, "Earth to Tables Legacies: Multimedia Food Conversations Across Generations and Cultures, co-edited by Professor Emerita Deborah Barndt and EUC PhD alumnae Lauren Baker and Alex Gelis.

(From left to right) Chandra Maracle and Deborah Barndt of the Legacies Project and EUC Faculty Lisa Myers and Martha Stiegman participating in the panel on arts-based collaborative methodologies.

The gathering took place in a warm and inviting atmosphere, transformed to resemble a café, where attendees not only discussed food but also savored a meal based on the three sisters or corn, beans, and squash as the nourishment for rich conversations. The ambiance set the stage for an engaging exploration of the intricate relationship between art and food sovereignty.

A highlight of the event was a conversation between Deborah Barndt and Chandra Maracle of the Legacies Project  and EUC Faculty Lisa Myers and Martha Stiegman. They shared their expertise on arts-based collaborative research methodology that is accountable to the community, particular in Indigenous-settler collaborations. The audience gained valuable insights into innovative approaches that bridge the gap between academic research and community engagement.

The organizing team, comprised of individuals from Earth to Tables Legacies, played a pivotal role in curating the event. Deborah Barndt from EUC, Kiera Brant-Biroukov, from the Faculty of Education, along with Maria Cappelletti and Diego Lopez from the Anthropology Department, contributed their expertise to ensure the success of the gathering. Chandra Maracle, joining from Burlington, added an extra layer of depth to the discussions.

The EUC Student Gathering successfully brought together a diverse group of individuals passionate about the intersection of art, sustainability, and food sovereignty. It served as a catalyst for future collaborations, providing a space where students, educators, and professionals could connect, share ideas, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding these crucial topics. As we reflect on this event, we look forward to the continued exploration and advancement of art-based research methodologies in the pursuit of a sustainable and sovereign future.

The EUC Student Gathering continues to inspire with a photo exhibit at Zig Zag Lounge, captivating audiences with a visual journey into the book's development. This exhibit will be open until March 2024, providing an immersive experience into the history that shaped this innovative exploration of art, sustainability, and food sovereignty.