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EcoArts at Orientation 2023

EcoArts at Orientation 2023

EcoArts: The capture

An exhibition introduces the artworks of EUC students in the past. All of the displayed 8 pieces surround the topic of environmental and social justice. The most recent one is the 2023 Collective Mural, created by a group of EUC students on February 2023 during a painting event hosted by Thereza Eric, who was EcoArts coordinator by the time.

(a)2023 Collaborative Mural

The collective mural, a product of a student-led art event hosted by EcoArts at the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change (EUC), vividly captures the essence of environmental movements and diverse perspectives. Through vibrant colors and intricate design, it portrays the interconnectedness of nature and human action. This mural serves as a visual testament to the importance of environmental advocacy and the multiplicity of viewpoints in shaping a sustainable future 

(b)EUC students Artworks

The student artwork from the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change, contributed to the EcoArts collection, explores the theme of environmental and social justice. Through diverse artistic expressions, these creations prompt contemplation on the intricate relationship between our planet's health and societal equity, inviting viewers to engage in meaningful discussions about these pressing issues. 

EcoArts table

EcoArts table hosted by the current Communication and Marketing Assistant, Tia Nguyen.

Pot Painting

The pot painting session is a collaboration event between EcoArts and the Faculty’s Peer Mentor Office. During the event, plant pots are painted by incoming EUC students and Peer Mentors, following the topic of United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals.