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Asemic Love Letters

Asemic Love Letters

Curators: Olivia De Sanctics

The Asemic Love Letters are an experiment with convention. The illegible text can be deciphered as a series of love letters and notes due to elements on and surrounding the pages. Furthermore, the texts are not codes or puzzles which can be solved. While writing the letter and working on creating possible better shapes and symbols. creating a set alphabet was strategically avoided. Although the letters are written which particular kinds of messages in mind, they are not translatable. These texts therefore literalize the impossibility of reading a relationship in its entirety when viewing it from the outside. This of course, can be true of any relationships and not only romantic ones. At the same time, the letters and their surrounding content draws attention to the ways in which cultural narratives shape the ways in which love in enacted on an individual basis.

The tension between the physical objects and the photographs which mimic the aesthetics of product photography showcase the same objects from opposing perspectives. The physical objects might be approached as one would investigate an artifact, while the photographs both romanticize and market the features of the relationship. in all, these pieces are designed to invite the viewer into something intimate while sit being left at a distance.

Materials: paper, ink, dried flowers, human hair, lipstick, bottled perfume and other found objects.