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Undergraduate Peer Mentors

The Peer Mentor program has been designed to provide guidance to EUC students.  They deliver programming and information sessions to help new undergraduate students transition to university and to the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change.  As a new student you are part of the larger community of York University.

Peer Mentors are trained leaders.  They are academically successful, and they can be a positive influence on students by providing sound advice and encouragement.  

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What Do They Do?

Provide Guidance & Support

Our well-trained Peer Mentors are available to guide and help you over the course of your program.

Their office is a welcoming place where you can meet other students in your program.

Our Peer Mentors provide the friendly support you need to help you navigate university life.

Help You Integrate & Thrive

Attend first- and second-year classes to inform students about support services within EUC as well as York University.

Invite you to the annual De-Stress Day - a fun day to help you relax before exams.

Offer instructional support for some courses.

Offer writing support! Talk to your professor or TA for writing issues and then contact us!

Peer Mentor Office Hours

The Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change Peer Mentors are available Monday to Friday.

Office hours are listed below.

Please contact for more information.

Meet Your Peer Mentors

Helpful Tips

Tips for Online Learning

Support Resources

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