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High School Outreach

The Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change is dedicated to enhancing environmental education at all levels and offers many high school outreach activities. We provide reach ahead resources and hands-on skill building to support and foster environmental, sustainability, and social justice education for the next generation. With our increasingly interconnected world and booming population, the need for active citizenship and environmental stewardship has never been greater. From wetland conservation and planning sustainable cities to pushing for social justice and bringing about corporate social responsibility, the resources we offer in EUC will complement your EcoSchool’s EcoMandate and assist in your planning for Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) activities.

Class Field Trip to EUC (Virtually and In-person)

Welcoming all secondary educators from all academic disciplines teaching from grade 9-12. Customize and construct your day based off the material you are currently teaching, the expectations and interests of your students. Depending on your availability you can select the following options.

Mini Lectures (RETURNING JANUARY 2024)

Listen and sit in on a lecture delivered by our Faculy members. Mini lectures are based on the availability listed and vary in length. Offered both virtually and in-person.

Student Led Workshops

Current EUC students who have created and will be facilitating an interactive and engaging workshop tailed to specific research conducted in their program. Offered both virtually and in-person.

Careers with an Environmental & Urban Degree: Do you have a passion for the environment and would like to pursue a green career? Learn more about possible green career paths you can pursue with an Environmental & Urban degree.

Walking in a Car’s World: Living in a bigger city can be rather difficult to navigate as a single individual. As pedestrians always have the right of way, streets and more so intersections are not based with us in mind. Join us to unpack the intersections within the city and discuss possible outcomes.

What is the Cost of Fast Fashion? Have you ever considered where you purchase your clothes from? What factors do you consider when going shopping? Learn more about relevant companies and discuss possible solutions.

Community Arts Workshops: Social changes in the world cannot occur without at least two things: Art and Community. In the Community Arts workshop, learn about the intertwined history social issues and art share, then engage in a communal art activity to take home and display.

Climate Justice: Are you worried about today’s climate change catastrophes? Have you ever wondered what frameworks can help combat and change these issues from the root causes? Join us in an introduction to Climate Justice Frameworks and brainstorm possible intersectional solutions. 

Sustainable Campus Tour

Learn and discover the sustainable features at the Keele Campus - York University.

Maloca Community Garden Clean Up

Come get to know Maloca Community Garden, part of EUC’s living labs! Support our clean up so we can get plants in the ground. Supplies provided.

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Change is NOW … Are you ready for the monthly challenge?

Interested in attending Change Your World? The school to receive the first 3 points will receive free admissions to Change Your World Conference held on December 6th 2023, receive 10 points and receive a school prize

Become an EUC Student for a Day

Join a first and/or second year course lecture from Faculty members from the Faculty of Environmental & Urban Change. Sit in as a guest to observe and listen to the research and material taught to our students. Offered during Spring both in-person and virtually.

Offered Monday to Friday


SHSM Career Exploration/Reach Ahead

Bring Your Class to Costa Rica: York University's Las Nubes EcoCampus

The Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change offers a 10-day program for high school students at our EcoCampus and other locations in Southern Costa Rica. This field course is rich in experiences that range from food production, forest ecosystems, Indigenous issues, Costa Rican history, rural culture and biodiversity conservation. The program has an immersive community-based approach, which builds on our long-standing relationships with different communities in Southern Costa Rica, including local producers, cooperatives, environmental groups and organizations and Indigenous communities, among others.

Registering in this program is a 2 month process and it’s offered throughout the year. This program is dependent on public health guidelines and restrictions. Learn more here.

Annual Events

Change Your World

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