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Community and Career Development

We are preparing changemakers for a just and sustainable future. Our forward thinking, student centric approach provides opportunities to welcome prospective changemakers to learn more about us with a robust offering of reach ahead activities for high schools.

We have also developed new career-ready programs that provide our students with employability skills needed for jobs in any sector. Explore how we can work with your school or organization and let’s get connected!

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High School Outreach

We are dedicated to inspiring environmental change and social justice in your school. To assist you in enhancing environmental education in your classrooms, we offer a series of dynamic programs that will engage your students beyond the textbook. Whether you need an activity for your Eco-Schools’ conference, Eco-Fair, or to support your classroom curriculum, our programs can assist you in creating a dynamic learning opportunity.

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Virtual Lectures

Our virtual lectures by our professors will add something new to your curriculum.

Learn about environmental, geographic, and social justice topics, inspire future interests, and meet SHSM and EcoSchool requirements.


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Workshop and Seminar Series

Looking to add a guest speaker to your classroom or eco-conference?

We have developed a series of seminars geared toward inspiring your students to consider post-secondary opportunities in environmental and urban change, learn more about careers in environment, sustainability, and justice, and discover our very own EcoCampus in Costa Rica. 

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Exhibitor at Your School Fair

Are you planning a virtual conference, an Eco-Fair or a career fair at your school?

Invite Environmental and Urban Change to run a table in your conference’s marketplace to highlight York University’s Environmental and Geography programs or career pathways.

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Services for Employers

Hire an intern! Empower future changemakers while also inspiring your organization with the fresh perspectives and valuable insights of our students, who have the diverse skills necessary to meet the challenges of your evolving workplace.

Hire an Intern

In the Workplace

Be Career Ready! Earn credits while working for one of our amazing community partners.

We want to ensure our students are career ready. In preparation for graduation, we provide the opportunity for students to develop in-demand professional working skills and competencies with partner organizations through work placements.

Students earn credit by working with community organizations and demonstrating autonomy and professional capacity, while learning to link their concrete experience with course theory.

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Job Title Organization Type Deadline
Protecting sea turtle nesting activity in 7 locations Archelon - Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece Volunteer June 4, 2023
Taking care of rescued sea turtles and other operations of ARCHELON’s Sea Turtle Rescue Centre Archelon - Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece Volunteer June 4, 2023
Monitoring sea turtles in the foraging area of Amvrakikos bay Archelon - Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece Volunteer June 4, 2023
Organic Farm Workers - Summer Frank’s Organic Farm Summer June 6, 2023
Junior Environmental Officer Environment and Climate Change Canada Full time contract June 8, 2023
Conservation Research Assistant Canadian Species Initiative Summer June 9, 2023
Junior GHG Analyst (Summer) Carbonzero Summer June 11, 2023
Wildlife Keeper Toronto Wildlife Centre Summer June 11, 2023
Organic gardening/farming on a small farm Walkems Part time June 11, 2023
Project Coordinator (Festivals, Activations & Markets) Evergreen Full time permanent June 11, 2023
Sustainability Intern Eco-Internships Placement/Internship June 11, 2023
Wildlife Rescue Team Member Toronto Wildlife Centre Full time contract June 11, 2023
Program Assistant Newmarket Cycles Full time contract June 16, 2023
Conservation and Restoration Technician Ontario Land Trust Technician Full time contract June 18, 2023
GIS Technician Ontario Land Trust Alliance Inc. Full time contract June 18, 2023
Riparian Habitat Restoration Intern Watersheds Canada Placement/Internship June 30, 2023
Avian Field Assistant Pelee Island Bird Observatory Summer July 4, 2023