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As a call to action to respond to today’s most pressing challenges facing people and the planet, the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change has a deep respect for place and community. We seek community-engaged pursuits in order to promote engaged study and train active citizens, innovators and leaders. We value insight, creativity, justice and diversity, and work to promote significant social and environmental change, offering tangible solutions that are sustainable and just.

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Community Partners

Student Clubs

The Environmental & Urban Change Students’ Association (EUCSA) is a student run organization that aims to bring together undergraduate students in the Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change who share a passion for addressing environmental issues! Advocating for students, pushing to further student success, acting as the voice between the faculty and the wider administrative counci; our association is shaped by your wants and needs, and by students that are actively engaging with social and environmental issues both on and off-campus.

We’re dedicated to creating a culture fosters and nurtures individuals' identities, shared stories, and lived experiences in a safe and non-judgmental space. Most importantly, we are trying to make a difference at York University, while advancing our relationships with the communities with whom we share this space.

President: Ammon Cherry,                                

The Carbon Free Club - York University (CFC-YU) exists to provide York University with facilitation of sustainable and renewable energy initiatives, education and practices across the campus. The CFC - YU is open to all students, staff and faculty (full- and part-time students, graduate students, special students studying at York University, and the surrounding area) regardless of race, religion, gender or any other discriminatory measure. 

Objectives of the Organization: 

  • To mitigate GHG emissions by promoting renewable energy projects at York University that will ensure that our University begins its journey to operate on energy from renewable resources and achieve its target to become carbon free, through student, staff and faculty involvement.  
  • To work towards making the University energy efficient and fossil fuel independent through providing renewable alternatives to infrastructure, transportation, waste management, and agriculture.
  • To provide environmental education and create awareness at York University  and surrounding areas about climate change and its impacts, and promote ecological and social sustainability initiatives within and outside the York Community (community members with other institutions and organizations with similar goals, values and purpose).

President - Codrina Ibanescu,

The Geography and Environmental Science Society at York, or GESSaY, is a club for majors, minors and any other York student interested in Geography and Environmental Science to socialize, educate and support one another. The club promotes Geography and Environmental Science initiatives throughout the York University community and helps students determine career objectives through resumé and career workshops. GESSaY hosts events, contests, games nights, movie and pizza nights, and bake sales. Contact us at

The Geography Graduate Student's Association also known as GeoGSA is a student's association registered and funded by YUGSA. We have official representatives in YUGSA, CUPE, the GEC, The FGS council, EUC Faculty Council, and EUC GPASA. We are also represented in various standing and hiring committees across the Faculties by our members who attend the meetings and report back regularly.

The GeoGSA represents and advocates for the collective interests of Geography graduate students in all matters of departmental policy and action at York University. The GeoGSA seeks to build community among the graduate students, faculty, and larger university, with consideration for diverse experiences and interests. Above all, the GeoGSA works to optimize the environment within which graduate students develop, both professionally and personally.

To learn more or get involved with GeoGSA please e-mail

The Las Nubes Student Association (hereafter referred to as the LNSA) objectives are to promote awareness and involvement within the student body, staff and other members of the York University community of conservation issues, ecological and social sustainability, and the no sweat practices in the biological corridor in Costa Rica where the Las Nubes rainforest exists. Furthermore, we promote Las Nubes fair trade sustainable coffee,  as an example of York’s commitment to being a sustainable campus. The LNSA - YU is open to all students, staff and faculty (full- and part-time students, graduate students, special students studying at York University, and the surrounding area) regardless of race, religion, gender or any other discriminatory measure. 

Co-Presidents: Alyssa Marchese and Codrina Ibanescu:

Novus YorkU exists to provide York University with opportunities for students to grow on a personal and professional level in the built environment/construction and sustainability/green industry, forming a network. Membership is open and free of cost  to all students (undergraduate, graduate, part and full time), staff and faculty regardless of race, sex, age, or political or religious affiliation and occupation/profession.

Objectives of NOVUS:

  • To develop local strategies for improving engagement and communication with younger members to inspire the next generation of construction professionals; collaborating with other professional bodies and strategic partners where appropriate.
  • To encourage and support career and professional development in students and young professionals; creating and engaging in opportunities for development.
  • To create an environment that encourages innovation, working collaboratively in projects/initiatives that provide experiential learning.
  • To be innovators in creating a greener future and environment whilst embracing Carbon Action 2050 as a core principle and objective.
  • To form relationships with employers and educational establishments, raising the awareness of the value of Novus for the young professionals within organisations.

Vice President: Ritwik Dev, President: Siddharth Ruparel,

PhESSA is the PhD students’ association for doctoral students in Environmental Studies within the Faculty of Urban and Environmental Change. Our mandate is to look after the rights and interests of doctoral students in our Faculty, and through student representation on Faculty committees, to ensure students have a strong voice in the governance and direction of the PhD program. We are a unique part of the Graduate Environmental Studies Students Association (GESSA), which represents us in some capacities with the rest of the University. PhESSA uses a consensus-based decision-making process, with two co-chairs and an executive committee elected each year to liaise between students, faculty, and staff. Our organization also has a lounge, with a limited amount of lockers, desks, and computers, and is open to all doctoral students within EUC to use during their time at York University. 

In most recent years, PhESSA members have ensured doctoral student representation while sitting on faculty committees including the Faculty Executive Committee; the PhD Program, Curriculum, and Admissions Subcommittee; the Academic Appeals Committee; the Faculty Appointment Advisory Committee; the Equity Committee; the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee; the Tenure and Promotions Commitee; the Research Committee; the Awards committee; and the committee of instruction. Our executive also has representation across all of York University through our YUGSA delegates, members of the FGS council, and the York University Senate. We also have positions related to event organizing, finances, and adjudicating our bi-annual in-faculty Research Travel Fund. 

For more information about these roles or to be put into contact with previous executive representatives, please contact

The York Federation of Students is a non-profit Undergraduate Student Union and represents all undergraduate students on York University campuses. The YFS consists of a group of elected students to represent the different colleges and faculties of York University. We represent you on an academic level and sit on the various Faculty Councils to give you a voice, and keep the YFS connected to all students on campus. We have four primary pillars that address student services, advocacy, events and clubs for student life on our campuses. We offer various volunteer and job opportunities throughout the year that all York undergraduate students are open to apply for. As the director for the faculty of Environmental Studies, my job is to specifically advocate for and support the needs of all EUC students and address any student life challenges they may face. For any questions or needs for clarification you can access the YFS website or follow us on social media at @yfslocal68. I look forward to representing you all and welcoming you all into your first year at York University!

EUC YFS Representative: YFS Representative: Mala Sharma,

Programs for High Schools

We are dedicated to inspiring environmental change and social justice in your school. To assist you in enhancing environmental education in your classrooms, we offer a series of high-quality, powerful programs that will engage students beyond the textbook. Whether you need an activity for your Eco-Schools’ conference or Eco-Fair, or to support your classroom curriculum, our programs can help you create a dynamic learning opportunity.

Services for Employers

Empower future changemakers while also inspiring your organization with the fresh perspectives and valuable insights of Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change students, who have the diverse skills necessary to meet the challenges of your evolving workplace.

Our unique interdisciplinary programs provide a range of perspectives from the social sciences, business and sustainability, humanities and sciences. They focus on connections between natural, built, social and organizational environments, and combine critical study with sustainable practical experience. Learn more about hiring an intern.

Partner with Us!

The Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change is dedicated to developing new research partnerships across the University and beyond. We welcome collaboration with a diverse range of partners, including individual researchers, governments, non-governmental organizations, communities, the private sector and industry, as well as other academic and research institutions. Our research covers a vast range of interests and challenges facing the planet, and our researchers are involved in innovative projects. Contact for more information.