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Nikash Persaud

Nikash Persaud

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Meet Nikash. They are researching how the town of Whitchurch-Stouffville can improve their agri-tourism sector by bringing people from the town together using creative methods. They say that meeting stakeholders and people in the field has been the highlight of their experience in the Capstone project. In the future, Nikash would like to work in project coordination, environmental assessment, or as a planning technician.

Why did you choose York University? 

I chose YorkU mostly because it was close to home, but I also felt very at home when I toured the campus for the first time. It was the only campus I toured where I felt like I could see myself there.

What project are you focusing on during your time in the Capstone course? 

The project I'm focusing on is a project with the town of Whitchurch-Stouffville to improve their agri-tourism sector. My group is tasked with finding creative ways to bring people to the town.

How does your project align with the UN Sustainable Development Goals? 

Our project aligns mostly with number 8 and number 11 of the UN sustainability goals. We are working towards a project that will provide economic growth for the town as well as promote sustainable living.

Can you tell me one highlight about your experience in the Capstone course? 

I think the best experience so far has been meeting the stakeholders in the project I was assigned to. It has been enlightening to meet people in the field I want to work in, with positions I hope to have.

Can you share some skills you have acquired through the course that will help you in your career? 

I think throughout the course so far, I've enhanced my skills in teamwork and communication. In addition to that, I feel the connection with the plethora of mentors will assist me in my future career. Being able to work and meet with mentors such as the stakeholders in our project showed me so much of what I would be doing in my future profession and helped me affirm my choices.

How have you integrated your knowledge from the ENVS courses into the Capstone project? 

A lot of the background information that ENVS courses had, allowed me to feel like I had a firm grasp on the concepts our project deals with. In addition to that, I feel that ENVS courses set me up to have a very multi-faceted approach, making it easy to connect with group members from drastically different backgrounds.

What is the biggest takeaway from your experience? 

I think the biggest takeaway from my experience was that passion and interest in a project can very easily be pivoted into professional communication. I tend to get excited about projects and feel as though I'm rambling, but within my group I became the communicator for our ideas because I was able to turn that passion into professional explanations.

What advice would you give to a student who would like to enroll in the Capstone course in the future? 

For anyone enrolling in the Capstone course I'd advise to make sure that you are ready to be adaptable. The course requires a variety of different work styles, and switches between feeling like a regular course and a job very frequently. On top of that, adaptability is what makes teams work!

What career are you thinking about for the future? 

I'm hoping to work in Urban Planning. I'd like to do project coordination, environmental assessment, or be a planning technician. Capstone really helped me affirm that jobs such as those would be good environments for me.